Pantone: Marsala


As seen at various interior decorating expos this year, the trending pantone for home décor is the beautiful color of wine, Marsala. Homeowners and decorators are seen embracing this royal and plush shade of red. Home furnishings in Marsala color can enhance the atmosphere in rooms decorated with light and dark brown colors or create bold accents to spice up interior design and decorating in light neutral colors. This shade of red is gorgeous and intense. It can be used to accentuate furniture in light shades and neutralize darker shades of fixtures. The easiest way to incorporate this color is by adding a regal rug to your space. Whether it’s around your dining table, under your sofa or extended around your bed, this color enhances existing furnishings and adds a splash of color to your spaces. Cocoon’s Vie is one such rug in this noticeably stunning color. Colors like blues, greens, dark browns and neutrals are highlighted and brought to the foreground with the help of this potent colored rug.