Area Rugs Rules


One often hears many-a-things about “rules to lay down a rug”; however there are no specific rules of thumb as far as rugs are concerned. Of course, there a set of guidelines one must follow while decorating your home with a rug, but sometimes you can improvise. Here is a set of rules to keep in mind.


  1. Keep the front legs of your sofas and couches on the rug.
  2. Keep all legs of chairs, pouffies, footrests and tables on the rug.
  3. Dimension: Keep about 12-18 inches of the rug visible around the bed.
    Extend the rug about 24 inches around a dining table.
    Let there be from 8- 18 inches of bare flooring around the rug.
  4. Ideally, you should try to use one large rug in a space, as it will provide a lot of richness and sophistication to the space. Alternatively, you can also combine 1-2 smaller but complementary rugs, while covering a large area to demarcate separate spaces.

  5. Cover most of the walking area with a rug, if you have long corridors and hallways. This method is not only safe but also a gorgeous way to spruce up an empty space.

There are many “rules” out there to decorate spaces with a rug, most often contradicting each other. Use these rules as a guideline, but feel free to let your artistic aesthetics flow!