We often find ourselves with the need to redecorate our living quarters and work spaces. However, we’re faced with a dilemma as to what carpet to pick. Should you have a piece that blends in with the room or one that stands out and creates its own fashion statement? What color should you pick? These conflicting thoughts will cross your mind; however, this is your rug-decorating bible that will walk you through all your colored rug-related queries.


  1. Color is the Key: As far as the color trends go for rugs and carpets, they often are the same as color trends in high fashion. It is important for the rug to have a palette of colors that balance each other. Colors like lime green, neon pink and brandies blue, may be slightly jarring to the eye if used together. However, used with the right set of supporting neutral colours, they can be very sophisticated and fashion forward. You can also opt for more subtle shades of same colors like tea greens, periwinkle blues and rose tea pinks,that mutedly blend in with the surroundings. This however depends on what you want to achieve with these rugs. If you want to draw attention to the rug, use colors like deep greens, royal blues and amaranth pinks.
  2. Purpose- What is the purpose of this rug? Do you want it to tie the room together, to brighten it, to tone down or to be the focal point? For each of these questions, there is a different color or concept you can choose. To tie the room together go for understated creams, beiges, coffees and olive colored rugs. To brighten a pastel room, using a color that is bright and lively will help the room pop. To tone down a colorful and spunky room, use a monotone or a geometric print in a diachrome. In order to draw eyeballs and to make a statement just with the rug, invest in a rug that is in an animated and dynamic hue.
  3. Personality- Keep in mind your personality as well as the personality of the space you are decorating or redecorating. If you have a subdued personality or if your room has a subtle vibe, keep your rug astute and minimalistic. However, if you have a chirpy and exuberant personality, go for high-spirited colors and hues.
  4. Keep it simple- Should a situation arise where you are completely conflicted and confused, keep it simple and lean towards beiges and other pastel tones which are classic, safe and it is a sophisticated way to go. This is an extremely secure route to take if you aren’t up for something adventurous or too different.
  5. Usage- While choosing a carpet or rug, keep in mind where exactly the rug will be placed and what the footfalls will be. If it’s around a dining area, you must be mindful as to what color you pick in case of spillage of food, drinks etc. In case it is going to be walked on, you must again pick darker colors in order to prevent any footprints from showing. It is also good to know while selecting a rug, whether it is washable or not.

This is a complete run down of pointers one should keep in mind while picking the color of the rug that will adorn their floors for a couple of years. Follow these while picking your rug and you will not be disappointed by the results! Happy choosing!