3 Colours To Watch Out For In The Fall Of 2017

Although India doesn’t really witness a “fall” per se, but the general atmosphere, fashion trends and even interior décor trends tend to sway that way. And each season has colours that define it. Pantone, the world’s colouring authority has listed down some of the colours for Fall 2017, and we couldn’t agree more. The general trend of these colours tilts towards the subtle and somber side, because let’s face it- neutrals and pastels are having a major moment in history currently. So we’ve picked out the 3 must-have colours for this season and we’re breaking down how you can incorporate those shades in your home.

1) Primrose Pink

This colour may strike some as girly, but it is just the perfect hue for a home that is for a newlywed couple, or a house that has a feminine energy. You can use this colour in a number of ways, but in our opinion the best way to include it in your home would be to use it in the form of a couch or accent. You can accentuate the colour by using colimentary but bolder shades to highlight this hue and tie together your entire space, like so:

2) Toast

The yummier cousin of our old favourite, nude, this colour spells out autumn. This stunning hue may not be the first pick as paint, but it works perfectly as a carpet, rug, couches, coffee tables and other accents. This beautiful hue will stand the test of time and is ideal for a home that has dim and sultry lighting. Our suggestion would be to go in this direction, where you use it in combination with simple subtle hued shades:

3) Marina

What’s great about this colour is that it is lively, vibrant and a great accompaniment to many others. It is stunning by itself but also makes for a great supplementary colour and helps tie the aesthetics of a room together. It makes for a lovely jolt of colour in what may otherwise be a boring monotonous set up. You can easily incorporate this colour in a home that’s white, ideal to bring in a spark in the dull months of autumn. A great example would be this set up: