Choosing the right paint color is no easy venture. Whether you’re painting your room, a wall in your bathroom, you kitchen, your den, or any other place in your home or workspace, there are a large number of things you need to consider. Fret not, we’re providing you with an in-depth checklist of what you should consider before picking a color of the paint.


  1. Lighting

Pick a paint color based on where your windows are located. This is because the windows are where the light enters the room. If you have ample light throughout the room, then opt for a darker color, to make the room more intimate and cozy. On the other hand, if the room is dark and is not showered with much natural and artificial light, pick a lighter color that lightens up the room.


  1. Use

Find out what purpose the room is going to serve. For example, if it is a dining room, and your family comes together at night, pick a warm neutral shade, on the other hand, if your room is used mainly during the day, opt for a color that tones down the light, keeping it fresh, yet slightly subtle.


  1. Correlation

Keep in mind the colors of other objects and accessories in your space. For example, if a palatial rosewood or teakwood table takes up a large chunk of your room, then opt for a complementing color, but in a brighter shade. Similarly, keep in mind the shades your lights generate, while picking a paint color.


  1. Color Swatches

Before picking any color, visualizing how a room will look is extremely crucial. So don’t be shy, paint your wall with all the colors you like, in small batches and look at how each color and shade will look in the entire setting. Envision the entire room in the color you pick, keeping in mind everything aforementioned.


This is the guide you need and the bible you should follow, for your paint choices. The paint accentuates and amplifies every nook and cranny and brings together the entire room. So pick a color and enjoy your newly painted interiors!