The monsoon ushers in the gorgeous rain and the stormy clouds, kindling a sense of pleasure and happiness. But the rains also bring a feeling of looming dreariness and gloominess. This can cause depression and even S.A.D, no not sadness, but Seasonal Affective Disorder, which causes one to feel down and out, because their time in the sun is replaced by time cowering under an umbrella. Your home too requires an uplifting aura and a splash of color to beat the monsoon blues. Here are some handy tips to tide you through the horrendous monsoons.


  1. Candles and Aromatherapy

Invest in an aroma diffuser that has a lively and fresh fragrance that helps you snap out of the murky mood you might be in because of the deluge. Add a creative touch by using candles to “lighten” the mood and bask in their gentle light.


  1. Charming Chimes

Take advantage of the gusty winds and strong breeze and fill your house with the beautiful and soothing tones produced by the wind chimes. As the charming sounds pervade your home, you will find your spirits buoyed to a happier place.


  1. Potted Pals

A great way to liven up your home during the downpour is by adding a touch of greenery. Potted plants and flowers are just the cheery addition you need to make to your abode.


  1. A Splash of Color

You need to add a splash of color to brighten up your living space and make it more chipper and peppy. The clouds may hide the sun, but your home shouldn’t look dark and gloomy, it should look bright, inviting and comfortable. Add colorful cushions to your couches, a polychromatic rug like Kindle or Majesty by Cocoon or even some charming curtains, to break the dimness.


Add a jolt of energy and happiness to your home, while the dim and murky weather tries it’s best to bog you down, with these nifty ways. Let the rains, be an excuse for you to redecorate and enjoy yourself as you do!