5 New Website Features That Make Rug Selection Easier

As lords and ladies of our stately homes, choice weighs heavy on our shoulders.

  • It isn’t enough that we choose silk curtains that seem to flow like a liquid from above the window’s lintels.
  • It isn’t enough that we choose wood paneling across our walls, in mimicry of interiors in medieval European mansions.
  • It isn’t enough that we choose a hand-knotted rug that covers the expanse of the living room, anchoring table, sofas, and evening chatter.

The whole system of lines, textures, colors, ethnic motifs, and materials must combine into one idea of beauty that pleases our—the homeowner’s—eyes.

In our opinion, this is the main function of rug sellers to their buyers.

We are here to help marry the product to the buyer’s idea of true beauty and assist homeowners in this search for artistic meaning in space.

In this post, we discuss the new features of our website that will help users make the most of our hand-knotted rug collections.

1) The Augmented Reality Feature

Starting with the best, the Cocoon Fine Rugs website now has a special AR feature that allows users with AR-compatible devices to view the rug in their own space.

Buyers can browse through the collections from the comfort of their iPhones and Android devices, virtually drag-and-dropping the rugs within the AR-generated replica of their room.

No longer do buyers have to strain their powers of imagination to infer if a rug matches the aesthetic of a room. They can run through the iterations at home, and when pleased, make a choice on the issue.

2) The Cocoon Trends Carousel

Another prominent addition to the website’s homepage is our ‘Cocoon Trends’ section.

Curated by our resident rug expert, this section cycles rugs whose designs match current trends in the world of rugs.

These selections might be based on a seasonal theme (e.g.: summer), a modern artistic movement (e.g: Banksy), the revival of an artistic movement (e.g.: Abstract Expressionism), or such and such. 

Flick through the carousel to marry your floors to something current. Your options should be handpicked by someone who knows what’s going on in the world of art, architecture, and décor.

3) What’s New

At Cocoon, industry is continuous.

Rug-makers knot and weave these beautiful textiles every month, readying them for sale on our platform. There are no definite patterns in this system of manufacturing; you can find all types of designs here, from traditional to modern rugs, without discrimination.

The buyers interested in covering their floors with something fresh, can explore our ‘What’s New’ web page, which we are constantly updating.

4) Filter by Shape

Rugs come in many shapes.

Every home has its shape ordered in various widths and lengths: narrower floorspace in your corridors, expansive floorspace in your living room, and tinier floorspace in your bathrooms and closet rooms.

Elongated runner rugs generally populate corridors. Smaller rectangular flatweaves are used in bathrooms. Round and square area rugs generally populate the larger rooms. As of now, we have 5 shape options on our website: Round, Rectangular, Square, Runner, and Asymmetrical.

Buyers can quickly narrow down on the preferred shape with this new menu option.

5) Filter by Colour

As with shape, hand-knotted rugs can be sorted by their colour.

True, they will have the threads knotted into an amalgamation of different colours, but there will usually be a dominant colour. We have sorted our rugs based on their dominant colors so that you can trim down your search, preventing a wild goose’s chase through some exotically-named collection where colour is as unreliably variable as a rainbow.

Filter by colour and find a range of options from various collections and styles that share the same dominant hues.

Even so, there are always more questions that can be asked by an interested rug connoisseur, which we will be happy to answer. Contact us for more information on any rug that might have caught your eye.