6 Reasons Why Rugs are Essential for Home Decor

A space that has an been designed well needs definition and upliftment through various accessorizing. Today homes tend to be extensions of people’s personalities and need the extra extra-dimensional power that can even soften the eye of the toughest critic.

Elements like—lines, colors, textures, materiality, furniture styles, linens, curtains. Rugs/carpets—all play an important role in accentuating one’s home.

The mighty hand knotted rug will be discussed in this post, for its value as an essential element to any house that wants to maximize its visual and comfort value. We outline 6 reasons for its usage, based on its versatility.

1. Anchoring Furniture, Delineating Space

Zoning your living spaces is difficult without a collection of hand knotted rugs.

This is especially useful in a large, open space like a living room, where there could be several “pockets of different activities,” including but not restricted to:

  • A TV area with a cabriole and a coffee table
  • A family convening area with a set of sectional sofas
  • A smaller convening area for two, with a loveseat or two single-seat ottomans
  • A small reading area with a single sofa, bookshelf, and lamp table

With a set of differently-sized rugs, you can delineate each of these spaces. A large rug can anchor the main family or TV area, while a set of smaller rugs can center an intimate scale for the latter ones.

2. Providing Tactility & Texture

A house without hand knotted rugs can seem plain in terms of three-dimensionality, feel, softness, and texture.

While floor material, furniture, and smooth painted walls can create a wonderful color palette that fits into your overall theme, it lacks the dynamic surface that a rug provides.

Rugs made with the best quality of wool and handspun silk not only feel nice underfoot, but it also takes your home to that excellence beyond physical comfort—aesthetics. It adds a luxurious feel in the house and that pop of color where interiors tend to be muted.

The relief features of a rug can look striking in the right light and against the right material; for example, supposing your room has a set of smooth pouffes and ottomans, a thready or fluffy rug can contrast well with it.

3. Useful Disruptors

Rugs are versatile home décor elements because they can add a twist to a room regardless of the room’s palette, theme, and styling.

Suppose your room is designed with light colors in mind, populated with unassuming furniture and curtains, and you want to introduce a little anarchy to the whole setup. In that case, a rug with loud colors, bold geometric patterns, and overscaled motifs can be the way to go.

The opposite is also true i.e. if you had a darkly-themed room with subdued lighting, black leather upholstery, and ebony wood wardrobes, a bright rug could disrupt the theme in a positive way, creating a spectacular contrast.

Changing the look and feel of a room can be as easy as changing rugs!

4. Reinforces Theme & Palette

The opposite of disruption is reinforcement. And rugs can effectuate this as well.

If your room has a modern style with light colors and orthogonal lines, you could complement it further with hand-knotted rugs of subtle blues and greys. Similarly, you could find darker rugs to accentuate a darker theme.

If your planning is of a seasonal tilt, a bright-coloured rug can match your summer home décor, and a fluffier, darker rug can match your winter theme.

If you want your room to exude an upbeat mood, you can try using a bright palette and a rug with bright colors and summery motifs, such as our Geometricity and Surreal hand-knotted rugs.

If you want a darker, more contemplative mood, you can purchase something akin to the trickling purples of Reverie.

5. Tells a Visual Narrative, Defines Paths

Rugs can tell the story of your house’s plan.

Welcome rugs, hallway rugs, corridor rugs, and area rugs, these all are typified based on which room they are placed in and how they delineate space in the house.

If you know how to place them, they can form a visual axis, defining a space, connecting that space to other spaces, and nudging people to move along an axis.

For example, if one of your living room’s rugs is similarly-colored with respect to the welcome rug in the foyer, your visitors will infer that they have to move along that direction after entering your house. All the other interstitial spaces (foyer, corridors, connecting rooms, anterooms) can then have rugs of that color/design to define a path.

You can even angle and layer two rugs, one on top of the other, to create a spot where two different paths coincide. The possibilities are endless!

6. Can be Art Itself

An intricate hand-knotted rug can create an entire world on its own, acting as a focal point of a room.

Sometimes art can be expensive and not always homeowners want to spend on it. The modern/abstract rug designs act as pieces of art and can be replaced by wall art in some parts of the home. Try hanging it on a wall and the Modern designs with vivid colors are sure to catch your eye. The hand knotted rugs are sure to last you a life time and quick savers as an investment compared to wall art.

To conclude, as far as home décor is concerned, few products are more versatile than a rug. Through a series of measured choices, you can use this element to transform your home into something greater than it is. It is also is an accessory for a quick makeover to your home.

Make sure to take your chances with a hand-knotted rug soon at an established seller like Cocoon Fine Rugs!