8 Modern Rug Trends To Watch in Fall 2021

Autumn is the transition from summer to winter.

It is the time of the year when home owners bring out the palette that reminds them of the shifting colours outside: leaves quickening from colour to colour before being shed, and skies fluctuating between bright and dreary.

People depict the evolution of this seasonal change with their home interiors.

Streets, compounds, and park grounds turn into shades of faded green, burgundy, auburn, russet, purple, and orange. And one’s upholstery, curtains, bed linens, and rugs will often mimic these unique colours. Friends, guests, and neighbours inspect your artistic ideas, so that they can come up with their own ones within their homes.   

Rugs, especially area and living room rugs, are an appropriate “anchor” around which a room’s section can be arranged and designed i.e. the focal point of the room. Or they can function as an ancillary piece meant to accentuate the rest of the autumnal palette.

Here, we outline 8 major trends for rugs in the season of transition.

#1 Geometric Shapes

Geometric designs can either be loud or soft, anchoring a room in vivid reds and greens, or understated browns and yellows. For the autumnal transition, you could choose a soft version, such as our Geometricity rug. Its olive greens, light browns, and dull yellows are reminiscent of the colours we normally associate with autumn. You could also choose Geometric Design, another example, but with darker colours in the Art Deco style.

#2 Florals, Foliates, & Damasks

While florals, foliates, and damasks are often associated with spring and summer, if you choose the versions that have softer, dulled-down hues, they can also be appropriate to the autumnal feeling. These hand-knotted rugs are perfect as area rugs, and their intricate, motif-laden designs can serve as a focal point in a big room.

Examples of Cocoon Fine Rugs that fall into this category are Autumn, Florid, Floral Trail, Floral Tapestry, Broken Damask, and Vintage Broken Damask. They avoid loud colours and blend beautifully!

#3 Purples

One of the rare, but still extant, colours during the autumn season is purple. There are several shades of purple foliage in Nature, such as seen in sweetgum, ninebark, smoke trees, and oakleaf hydrangea. Our Reverie rug is a gorgeous blend of deep purple, violets, lilacs and pink in a fluid-like design. It can add that loudness to a room should you need it!

#4 Olive Greens

An understated olive green rug brings in the fall season with its typical balance between optimistic and foreboding. Olive green is that autumnal hue that ushers in the beginning of autumn. Our Olive hand-knotted wool rug is one such example, with silk also blended into its pile, showing olive green modular shapes inspired by one of the 20th Century’s foremost architects, Le Corbusier.

#5 Organic, Textural

Hand-knotted rugs that mimic the texture of organic forms in Nature can be a welcome change in your home during September to November. Especially those that come within the range of autumnal hues, such as brown, ochre, and faded yellow. Ambar is an example of a botanical texture that looks like fibre, while Luxe is an example of animal skin texture superimposed on wooden textures. Voguish is a designer rug that mimics snake scales dappled with an understated colour palette.

#6 Fusion Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs designed with a fusion of minimalistic Nouveau ideas and the intricate Classical ones can depict the organic, deepening transition from summer to winter. Autumn is a process of vivacity to dormancy. Check out the Earthy Fusion and Eastern Fusion rugs, with their russets, dulled ochres, and light oranges. The Valorous transitional rug is a more orderly chaos, with its classical intricacies obvious even to the untrained eye.

#7 Abstract

Abstract designs are for those homeowners with a modern outlook. Coming in light russet, oranges, dull blues, and yellows, Autumn Bloom and Rustic Allure/ Russet are two designs that can fit in the most modernized interiors. As living room rugs, they will complement the tone of your home in toned-down autumnal hues.

#8 Classical & Traditional

It is difficult to go wrong with classical designs in the deeper autumnal hues of ochre, burgundy, maroon, carmine, and brown. Guile is one of those classical rugs with overscaled motifs. Ruby Delight is a purely traditional design, reminiscent of medieval Persian rugs and their intricate curlicues. These designs can anchor sections of your living room or bedroom without seeming out of place. They endure on account of their timeless motifs.

Autumn is a season for mature, understated colours. Look to make an impression on your social circle by consulting with experts in this endeavour, ones from Cocoon Fine Rugs. We will recommend the best designs as per your personal taste!