Car-Pets: What Rugs Are The Best For A Pet-Friendly Home

People are often of the opinion that rugs and carpets in pet-friendly home are a complete no-no.This can’t be farther from the truth. Pets can thrive in a rugged home, however you need to keep in mind certain things when you’re introducing your pet to a carpet or vice versa. Here are some things you should consider while carpeting your floors in your home.


  1. Stain Resistance: Pets, like humans, can be extremely messy. So while buying your carpet ensure that it is has high stain resisting abilities. In a world of technologically advanced rugs, this won’t be hard to check-off your list.


  1. Durability: Like everything in your home, carpets too need to be able to withstand the wear and tear that is associated by having a pet in your midst. Ensure you purchase a carpet that can hold it’s own against paws, feet and teeth alike.


  1. Colors and Patterns: Picking a color that can mask stains will help you keep your carpet as beautiful looking as ever. Light colored rugs stand a chance to have stains that will be hard to get rid of. So pick darker colored rugs or rugs that have small and dark hued prints.


  1. Cut Piles>Loop Piles: Loop piles present a problem for homes with pets because there is a risk of paws and claws getting stuck in the pile. Dogs can also rip loop piles and nobody wants that to happen to their rugs. So invest in a cut pile carpet, which prevents these troubles.


  1. Stain Removers: Buy good quality, heavy-duty stain removers for emergencies. Sometimes a pet can drag dirt onto your carpet, so make sure you have a great stain-remover on standby to do your dirty work. Literally.


Carpets and pets can be real pals, only if you make sure you follow the above checklist, while picking a carpet that suits your space!