Travel Inspired Décor

Travelling molds a person in ways more than one. It changes the way one perceives life and things around. Speaking of a different outlook, the surroundings of a passionate traveller can be far more interesting than a normal home.

Being a traveller, you would know that with some careful shopping during your explorations, and an afternoon at the craft table, you could have travel souvenirs that you will be proud to display.

Here are a few travel inspired décor tips for your home.


There’s a lot more than just direction that a map has to offer. They make interesting conversations around your escapades. Nothing brings about sophisticated design like a vintage map of famous cities like London, France, New York or even your own homeland. Maps are so much in vogue now- they’re inspiring non-travelers to get on board too. 

Travel Trunks and Suitcase shelves

This is a design trend that will never fade away. Vintage travel trunks add tons of character and interest to your personal space. Classic travel trunks make amazing coffee tables. People are getting very creative and are experimenting with ways to use and display their luggage. Stack a pile or use them as unusual and stylish shelves to carry the best memories of your life.

Bottles full of memories

These memory jars make beautiful personalized displays, and are family-friendly. It’s amazing how your travel mementos and findings put in a mason jar can add a special charm to your home. It’s almost like having a little bit of your trip stored forever. They look stunning displayed on your desk at work or your mantle in your living room.

Memory Wall

Classic territorial weaves and upholstery are an essential part of a traveller’s home décor. Almost every territory has its unique art to offer, and carpets are one of them. Each carpet carries a bounty of ethnicity coming from the place of its origin. Based on your likes and fondness of a particular art form or ideology, you can spruce your personal space up with some really rich rugs you've collected from your journeys.

Follow these tips to curate a beautiful travel inspired home.