5 Interior Design Trends In 2016

The new-year has been full of innovation and new fashion trends. While everything tends to evolve, interior design trends have been keeping pace with the change. This year seems to go deep into the art of class and simplicity. Designers are moving on to using minimalistic elements to create stunningly niche living spaces.

Here are a 5 interior design trends to up the décor game of your personal space.

Minimal Black Metals

The era of the bulky has come to pass. You can never go wrong with iron and blackened steel. Designers are increasingly starting to believe and implement the trend of less flashy, simple hardware in all aspects of interior design.

Blend your contemporary interior works with wood and glass or go full matte black metal even for your kitchen space.

Vivacious Furniture


There is something about curvy trickle-down aesthetic home décor. The increasing love for long and smooth design that is being seen in some of the classiest phones is being induced into home décor. This design trend is purely based on rendering sophistication through touch and feel. We have designers falling to the quote “Touch is essential to design” in 2016. The racetrack shape, almost a rectangle but with sultry curves à la the Oscar table is what you need to bring to your living space. 

Evergreen Ornamentation


The exuberance of dramatic drapes and modern upholstery can never be ignored. People love the traditional and dressy, with of course, a pinch of nostalgia. A house without curtains is like a man in a suit without shoes; hence the use of fringe and corded tassels is what you need to have in your space.

The Mexican Mix


Mexican mid-century modernism is one way to elegantly spruce your space up. The style of interior design never seems to fade away. Mixing up the clean aesthetics with materials like wood, metal and stone has never been so amazing. Top-notch designers have now getting with the trend of creating uniquely shaped pieces in exotic rosewood and jacaranda.

Transitional Weaves


Elegantly balanced compositions, transitional rugs are a sophisticated answer to the omnipresent neutrals and sisals. The somewhat artsy carpets have the ability to adapt to a plethora of contexts. The restraint of transitional design works wonders with both contemporary and traditional interiors. Look up Cocoon Fine Rug’s gracious, Lapis lazuri, rivet and shroud to add that pizzazz to your place.

Get in sync with these trends-in-vogue and create a stunningly astonishing personal space.