4 Rugs To Spruce Your Living Space

Your personal space is anassortment of handpicked elements- each oneselected with utmost love and thought. Everything put in place to match your personality and extend your charm to your guests. It is the décor that makes a house, your personal living space. While you pay great attention to your home décor, make sure you pay some to your floor.

Rugs make an amazing addition to the charm of your living space. To ignore the potential of a beautiful rug is one of the No-Nos of home décor.


The Surreal extravagance comes from the Colors of Life collection by Cocoon Fine Rugs. It extends an unearthly feel to your living space with its mix of abstract and free flowing designs. The thought behind Surreal revolves around bringing out the essence of the different elements of life. Give your floor a touch of life with this colorful composition inspired by architecture, paintings and nature. Cocoon Fine Rugs maintain the use of theirsignature handspun high-twist wool and silk to bring out this dream-like carpet.

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Luxuriate your space with this fine hand knit rug inspired by an eclectic mix of contemporary decorative and timeless traditional patterns. Opulence exhibits a diverse amalgamation of luxurious aesthetics tied together by the lustrous texture of exclusive recycled sari silk. The rug comes with a loose handle, only to give your living space a dramatic effect.

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Inspired by the cosmic space, Interstellar exhibits the abstract elements of life. It beautifully displays the celestial side of life with a touch of architectural design. This fine piece of art belongs to the Colors of Life collection at Cocoon Fine Rugs. With a little inspiration from the cosmos, some earthly design and different hues, interstellar makes an amazing statement for those who aspire to live beyond the brackets of usual.

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The only word that comes to mind when looking at this fine rug from Cocoon Fine Rugs is sheer magnificence. This unique piece of art has had the essence of magnificence right at its inception. Inspired by the intricacy and detail of Persian and Turkish designs from the 19th century, the rug brings about a beautiful display of oriental tradition and designs. Magnificence makes an uplifting addition to your personal or living room.

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These rugs are more than just simple home décor elements. They do much more than just lie there; each rug accentuates a diverse character and theme to every home. Every masterpiece at Cocoon Fine Rugs is created with signature handspun high-twist wool and silk only to help you make a statement with sheer class and elegance.