How To: Create A Seductive Boudoir

Your bedroom is the most personal and intimate place in your whole home. It is where you let loose and a piece of the world you can call you own. It is where you experience the most harmonious and cherished moments of your life. So it is only fitting that your bedroom be the seductive and sensuous, where you can escape to and be nestled in joyous comfort. But while bringing some romance into your boudoir, it’s very easy to make it tasteless and gaudy. So here are our tips to make your bedroom a seductive one:

1) Shiny Finish

A glossy finished wall, with slight mettallic aesthetics is sure to add an aura of lusciousness to your room. A great Venetian plaster finish is all you need to elevate the charm.

2) Thick Curtains

Thick blackout curtains are a must in your bedroom for the simple reason as they allow you to stay in bed for as long as you like. This way you can shut out the world outside and give the feel of a sleek room within.

3) Luxe Bedding

The point of having a sultry bedroom is to that you can stay in bed for hours on end. So it would only be prudent to invest in luxurious bedding.

4) Pattern Crowding

Refrain from crowding your room with mutliple patterns and textures. Keep it crisp, clean and classy.

5) Rug it up

Nothing says sumptuousness like a high-twist, plush rug to line your floors. A wall to wall rug that’ll elevate the luxuriousness of your boudoir, is essenial and you can find them here.

6) Drapes

A good way to give your room a sultry and chic look would be to add drapes that add a touch of romance and ardour.

Use these tips to add an air of extravagance and plushness to your bedroom and perfect for setting the mood.