A Guide to Customize Your Hand-knotted Rugs

What is the ideal design for a hand-knotted rug in your living space?

You may have several ideas competing for a decision in your mind, and chances are that none of these ideas will coincide with the offerings within your nearby rug store’s collection. 

Sometimes, your preferences may be sufficiently esoteric that even the best designers may have not thought of them! In some cases, you want a rug in an elusive shape, such as a round rug. In other cases, you must adhere to a specific color scheme for your bedroom. Or you could be an art connoisseur, wanting to adapt a painting onto the warp and weft of your living room rug, such as is the case with our Convergence collection.

You could have one or all of these reasons for not having an immediate option to choose from, and to reduce your inconvenience, we suggest you think about customizing your rug! Here are 5 ways you can do the needful.

1. Budget by the Rug’s Knot Density

Hand-knotted rugs are structurally based on knots tied across the warp (vertical) threads. The prices of these rugs are directly proportional to the knots it takes to tie for the artisan over the months. Typically, rug stores sell rugs within a knot density of 50 to 200 knots per square inch. This can naturally go up to 1,000 knots if the expertise of the artisans offer it, but the prices for those higher knot counts would be exorbitant.

A higher knot density entails a greater intricacy and curvilinearity in design, so you can explore more avenues in aesthetics. Examine the various rugs in our collections to see how different densities appeal to your preferences.

Large open areas do not necessitate high knot densities. They might look best with low density knotting and stark, abstract compositions.

2. Select the Material

The finest Austrian wool, New Zealand merino wool, and Chinese silk is used to make our custom rugs. Silk can be used in the design to add a touch of luxury, emphasize a highlight, or simply to play with how light reflects off the rug. You can also request for a blend of two different materials—our most common one is the wool-silk blend, which lends a delicious balance of durability and elegance.

3. Go Wild with Your Colors

Colors exude mood over the atmosphere. They create the difference between upbeat and solemn, bold and subtle.

Our consultants will assist you in selecting colors from our extensive palette. Don't give up if you can't find the exact color you're looking for. We can match almost any color to your liking. If you want a stippled, washed, or brindled effect, we can combine yarns of different colors to create the desired atmosphere.

4. Use a Website Resource to Send Your Design in

Importantly, rug sellers and distributors tend to have the online resources to help you design your own purchases, should difficulties arise.

Our custom rug page is a simplified resource for you; we have loads of experience helping create custom rugs for our clients. The instructions are clear-cut: email a picture of your rug design to us, select your preferred color with your own reference (or use our in-store shade box). Then, choose the size and material composition.

After you follow these steps, you will get a timeline for delivery along with pricing.

5. View a Sample of Your Custom Rug

Clients prefer to see the results of their creativity beforehand. Because if you can preview the visual effects of the rug on your room, then you have a firm idea of how it pairs with the other elements of your room—instead of wasting your money and the time of the artisans by canceling a failed design.

If you want to preview how your interiors will look along with the rug, you can juxtapose it against a picture of your room before committing your design to our artisans. You can also ask our consultants for opinions on the same.

The process of customizing your hand-knotted rug isn’t complicated at all. Before you visit our carpet stores in Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, or Bangalore, follow this process online to get a perfect rug option for your home. Contact Cocoon Fine Rugs to get more information on how to complete this process in the smoothest possible way.