Difference between bedroom rugs and living room rugs

When it comes designing your home decor, imagination should be your friend. We all want our homes to have a unique and individualistic touch to them. Our room furnishings should not only reflect our personal sense of style but also the overall ambience of our space must have an eclectic and happy aura to it.

Therefore, when it comes to experimentation with your furnishings, sky is the limit but there are a few basic guidelines that you should keep in mind while select certain decor items like rugs.

Rugs are an integral part of any home design. They compliment every decor and no room is complete without them. You can test out any number or types of rug designs till you find the one that makes your heart and room satisfied, but always pay heed to these few tips while selecting rugs for each specific space:

Bedroom rugs:

Your bedroom is the private haven where you unwind. Soothing colour tones, soft and warm beddings, easy to the eyes decor is your recipe for a perfect retreat. Bedroom rugs can easily add these vibes to the room.

Hand-knotted area rugs are a great option for an inclusive and calm look. Avoid vinyl rugs with metallic fibres; wool, silk and cotton rugs are much more suited for your private, cozy space. Soft, muted colored rugs in beige and moss green with natural patterns by Cocoon really complete the decor and give it an elegant touch.

If innate isn’t really your thing and you preferring a little splash of color, then do not begin with your walls or beddings. Go for brightly colored throw pillows, wall frames or add a little glamour with eye-catching rugs. The bold and classic, round rug from Cocoon really gives the otherwise minimalistic room a striking look.

Living Rooms:

Finding the perfect living room carpet is a tricky task, not easily achieved. The rug should strike a delicate balance between being a statement piece and not over shadowing any of the other artworks or furnishings.

Your drawing room is the place you can go bold and artistic. Colorful vibes or regal furnishings, this space is your work of art. Skip wall to wall rugs for your living room, instead, go for strong, intrepid colors and designs. The gorgeous and royal rugs with their warm color palettes and bold patterns look great in all types of rooms and are absolutely striking.

For Boho or more free style interiors, you can also use rugs as wall art and keep rest of your interior neutral or base your decor around the rug design.