Handmade Rugs: Lasting Gifts of Love for this Festive Winter

Warmth. Softness. Company.

The three instinctual needs of the winter.

Needs directly proportional to their opposites.

There is no pleasure in the warmth without the cold as an enemy; no pleasure in the soft touch of wool on our skin without the biting air around; no pleasure in company without the lonely dark of the nights.

And what ties this annual folkway of cozy sensibility?

A rug!

At Christmastime, we sit layered in our shawls and scarves, in rooms layered with cozy-looking rugs. We exchange gifts like our ancestors did the same over old, hearth rugs. We celebrate life in defiance to the winter.

The rug is arguably the motif of the season, and you can use our online Cocoon Carpet store to pick one as a gift for yourself and your loved ones. 

An Heirloom of Our Hope in Art 

Rugs aren’t just motifs of fellowship, tying people and furniture together into one social datum.

They can also be works of art in their own right, veritable collector’s items when handmade by life-long guilds with an entire ecosystem of handcarders, knotters, weavers, and dyers. 

Handmade rugs just mean more.

Because they are a pure expression of humanity.

Artisans who’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting their art, put together these masterpieces so that your house can look like a home, wearing a distinctive human identity.

Very simply, their art symbolizes hope against the drudgery of domestic existence. Carpets are not just for dusty feet and a softer tactility. They also can take your mind to places that transcend the mundane.

As a wide practice, these handwoven and hand-knotted rugs are a result of generational skill then supported on generational customership.

This industry has lasted hundreds of years inside the tender loving care on both sides of the financial transaction.

When you shop at Cocoon, we also do our part by helping you choose the handmade rug that fits the unique character of your home—and nowhere else.

Rugs from All Geographies & Art Movements

We know that many of the homeowners out there will be looking for end-of-year makeovers.

The urge to tweak your living space weighs on your mind, we know.

Maybe you want a Persian rug thick in old-world motifs.

Maybe you want to add abstract expressionism to the room’s sensory experience.

There are no limitations to our inventory.

You will find pile designs across the entire breadth of hand-knotting’s history.

We have rugs knotted in the traditions from the medieval sultanates of the Middle East. We have rugs based on modern art movements in Europe, such as the Bauhaus. We have rugs in the tradition of the greatest postmodern painters. We have rugs woven in tribal concepts from rural areas in India.

And we even have designer rugs, the result of multidisciplinary collaborations with professionals from the world of fashion, architecture, and art, where we mix and match modern motifs with the old.

Using material ranging from pure handspun wool to luxurious silk accents, any of these rugs will be the perfect marker for the onset of festivities, regardless of your taste.

If you frequent Indian cities, you can visit our brick-and-mortar rugs stores in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Jaipur to view the latest rugs.

A Gift Knotted in Sustainable Philosophies 

No matter whom you buy a rug for—yourself, your spouse, your best friend—you would feel at peace knowing it is a net positive for society and the Earth!

Fret not.

Even the most extravagant aesthetes swear by the sustainability and longevity of hand-knotted rugs.

Because of its chemical-conservative manufacturing traditions, this cottage industry has a low impact on the environment.

There is little material wastage, the dyes are organic, and some of our rugs don’t even use dyes!

When your floors are covered with naturally-sourced raw material like wool, jute, and silk, which have been put together patiently over the months by caring, human hands, you can rest easy.

Our Hand-Knotted Rugs Last a Lifetime

Our rugs deliver their coup de grâce on customers with a long shelf life. 

They are made from some of the finest material on the planet, including New Zealand’s famous Merino wool and silk sourced from Chinese silkworms.

And with additional treatment such as hand-carding and high-twisting, we make sure they last more than just a generation.

You can pass them to your grandchildren, we promise.

In other words, hand-knotted rugs are gifts that keep on giving.  Whoever receives one as a Christmas gift won’t have to dispose of them in a hurry, unless something unavoidably catastrophic happens in the long years—like a house fire.

And in the event of a minor accident, such as a baby knocking over beverages or a pet urinating, we offer prompt rug care and maintenance services.

At Cocoon, you get what you want.

Classic rugs, modern rugs, transitional rugs—the list goes on because we have a dedicated, artisanal community always expanding their stylistic nous.

This November, they have released a collection of solid-colour rugs which are useful as buffers in the festive season, when you need to counteract the deep-coloured Christmas decorations in your home interiors. 

If you don’t get what you like from our current online inventory, you can also use our customization page and have your own artwork knotted into a rug.

The season’s greetings are best expressed in love for your family and closest companions, and what does that better than a gift that lasts for as long as you know them?