How Modern Rugs Transform Your Workspace in this Day and Age

Your workspace is a private arena.

It is that part of the house, or office, where you make your toughest daily decisions, the place where the mind must be in perfect balance so that it can produce work. Because of its psychological context, it is often a space that requires a neutral color palette that touches lightly on the mind.

It will most likely have modern furniture and decor because the modern school of design generally emphasizes pared-down function over the clutter of ornament—to reduce distraction on the mind. And, to top it off, or, rather, to underline your modern workspace, it is a good idea to look around for a complementary modern rug that makes the space work as confidently as you do!

In this post, we describe several ways that a modern rug can transform your workspace into one that looks, feels, and smells “workaholicore.”  

Modern Anchor Rugs Create Stability

Do you know what an anchor rug is?

The answer is simple. It is an area rug that “anchors” the space around itself. No doubt, your work desk and swivel chairs will be your focus, but they can be brought together in coherent order with a rug that is placed nearby. 

You may choose a striking, bold rug. You may choose a subtle, muted one. But we suggest you go with something in the middle, like Copper Fields, derived from our Bauhaus collection which traces its roots back to that reverberating, German movement of modernism.

If you are the type of person who wants your workspace to speak sophistication without being too convoluted or eye-catching, to respect the quiet ethic of the context, this modern rug is perfect! 

Golds Lend a Sense of Prestige and Accomplishment

When talking about one’s work, it won’t take long for anyone to find a connection to one’s pride. We all work hard. And we all love the sense of accomplishment we derive from it, as we continue to make society tick in our own small ways.

This is why a modern rug that hints at prestige can mean so much to the hard worker grinding away inside the workspace. It is like a symbol of your continued effort, and can encourage your state of mind to move through the next leg of your career with as much confidence as possible.

For this purpose, the Gold Dust rug from our Alchemy collection does the job!        

Power in the Form of Wool, Makes Creativity Unspool 

Power is a unique emotion.

It is a driving force behind most of our efforts. It triggers creativity, the inspiration behind its form allowing us to venture into mental places we don’t often go to, ones which we are often fearful of pushing through.

Mauna Loa is the epitome of power. Lava breathes through what seems like cracks, evoking the fiery energy of the Earth and its interior wonders. Like the giant Hawaiian volcano, it makes us feel significant by showing us how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. In seeing our insignificance, we are unburdened of the pressure we put on ourselves during work.

A rug that creates a sense of sheer power can have that subtle effect on your mind, that gives you a gentle nudge. 

Grays Sensibly Ground Your Workplace

Grays are a versatile, neutral color that can play a supporting role to the more powerful items in your workspace—for example, a polished, brobdingnagian desk of wood or a giant touchscreen TV.

Gray also complements the golds we talked about earlier, creating a refined sense of aesthetic found in few places. Steel Armour is an excellent option for you to play this visual game with yourself and your clients.

Subtle, Earthy Colors Calm People Down 

The chief colors of Nature—earthy browns, foliate greens—are generally known to give humans, especially urban humans, who live in concrete jungles for most of their lives, a sense of greater purpose outside the confines of their smaller worlds.

It brings the outside inside, and it reminds us of the miracle that is life, which we live every day. Even if we are stuck at work, we are reminded that there is more to it than just the professional grind.

Genesis, from our .DWG DOSSIER collection with reD’s architects, is a delightful, muted concoction that depicts the communication between Nature and human architecture. Its muted browns and greens are not intrusive enough that they would overpower the solemn and serious atmosphere of the workspace.  

If your interest is piqued, you can browse our website further for area rugs for your office, or contact us to get an expert opinion. We have stores in several major cities in India and, using our experience in the modern hand-knotted rug space, would love to recommend options even before you can make a trip there!