Integrating Rug Design in the Urban Context of Bangalore

What are some unique qualities of Bangalore?

There are its green tracts of land, interspersing the built environment and softening its look. There are its many lakes, scattered throughout its breadth, cooling its climate. There is its concentric map of ring roads connected by crowded highways, its narrow roads and closely-offset buildings, and intricate bylanes.

It is also known for having one of the most successful realty markets in India. Its real estate is affordable and spacious, driven by end-users, and price fluctuations are stable compared to the other major metropolitan regions of India.

The spaciousness of the city’s urban housing language is what makes it an ideal context for homeowners interested in area rugs and the like. Before paying a visit to your closest rugs store in Bangalore, you can read through these 4 ways a rug can be integrated into the city’s unique context.

1. Large Rooms Help Intricate Designs

The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in Bangalore is regulated at a lower number compared to other metropolitan areas, which is one of the reasons houses tend to have fewer stores and more space.

With bright, open floor plans abounding, a rug has more margin to work its magic into a buyer’s desired mood board. The intricacy of a hand-knotted rug could get lost in small-sized rooms, where the field of vision is hampered by walls, shadows, and the closeness of other objects.

But in the light and volume of many Bangalorean houses, you can play with avant-garde, luxury carpets like Moon Bay, adding layers of colour, shape, and mystery to your domestic experience. These high-end area rugs can act as a focal point in a living room, catching eyes and wagging tongues with customary ease.

If you want something more classical, you could check out our Sistine Chapel rug.

2. Use Runners to Demarcate the Program of Your Space

Given the larger floor space, you might have to use your rugs to program the space into logical visual language.

For example, an eye-catching area rug bordered by sofas can define a sitting area in the living room, while a runner rug like Weathered Size (or, in the traditional vein, Ahmar Size) can define an axis along which to move in the house.

Furthermore, these rugs can also tie a colour/texture scheme together. They can make a room look like a cohesive whole instead of a messy smattering of different objects. For example, If your room had a “modern art aesthetic” to it, then the above runner rug’s painterly splashes and blotches would balance perfectly with the other objects in it.

3. Hang Rugs on Walls


Bangalore has a generous number of bunglows, mansions, and apartments wherein the architects had the freedom to play around with varying ceiling heights and long, expansive walls.

Some spaces would have higher ceilings, especially double-volume living rooms where families can socialize with a fairly large group of friends. In these spaces, the larger wall area allows the homeowner the freedom to hang paintings, sconces, and other objects d’art.

To mix things up a bit, you could instead hang a lush, expressionst hand-knotted rug on the wall, one that mimics the paintings of modern artists. For example, our Sea Serpent rug from our Alchemy collection can fit this function perfectly. It is a mottled expanse of light browns, greys, and dull yellows richly shocked suddenly with ultramarine and aqua blues.

Learn how to style your rugs on your walls—tapestry-style—in this post.

4. Reinforce the Green Outside Coming Inside

Bangalore is often called the “Garden City of India.”

The leafy canopies and dappled tree-shadows invade the built environment on a regular basis; this element of the outside coming inside the home can be reinforced using certain rug designs.

For example, a well-positioned green Moss rug would reinforce neighbouring trees and potted plants—near balconies, large fenestrations, and courtyards. This type of detailing creates a soft sensibility that matches the identity of the city. The pastoral, organic moodboard can also calm the mind. Green colours tend to have that effect on people.

While Bangalore may not have the profound history that other metropolises in the nation have, it is a growing city without boundaries, a complex of ambitious spaces that are reified with good design choices. If you live in one of its large homes, you can always seek to layer that home with the appropriate hand-knotted rug. These guidelines should help you gain an understanding of harnessing the uniqueness of the urban habitat there. Happy pickings!