It’s official: Rugs for your workspace

Your workspace is the place you spend the largest portion of your day in. It’s like your second home, so why not make it comfortable and easier for you to work in? Obviously the kind of décor you choose is directly dependant on the overall furnishings of your office or the general feel of your work environment.

Basing your décor around a rug is always a great idea because they lend warmth and color to any room. They also provide cushioning and add artistic value. Any room with a rug has a rich and complete feel to it. Here are different spaces and ways you can incorporate carpeting to your office décor.

1.Cubicle Love:

Cubicles make for great private and cosy spaces. You can customize it to your personal tastes but undertaking that is a little tricky. There are space constraints and the problem of transience as you cannot make any permanent changes to your cube. Rugs are the perfect solution for this. They go with pretty much all the decors and are quite multipurpose. Taper your wall with them or use them as a foot warmer, they look stunning and make decorating comfortable and easier.

2.Meet with style:

The décor of your meeting or conference room is very crucial to your office décor. This room is not only reflective of your sense of style but also needs to have an aura of calm and warmth to it. Rugs are a great way to do that in an understated way. Colorful, bright rugs look great with somber and neutral furnishings. You can also use Cocoon’s classic rugs to lend your room a royal and exclusive look.

3.Ease your back:

Who doesn’t love throw rugs? They are soft, snug and go along with pretty much any room. You can select from a variety of materials like fur, silk, cotton etc whatever suits your needs and style.

4.Co working made chic:

With the changing office structures, co-working spaces are becoming more and more common. There is a big chance that you will be sharing your space with three other people scattered across a room. How do you décor the way you want? Rugs to the rescue, select a design that goes with the overall design of the room. The carpet can help brighten the area and will not create obstacles for others. The rug can also be used to create extra seating area or to distinguish your working space from another’s.