Showcasing Cocoon's New Black & White Rug Collection

How do you work the black and white into your little world?

Splashes of colour make sight a pleasurable experience, but too much of anything can overwhelm the consciousness. If you want to break the busyness of your decor elements with a simpler palette there are various solutions to script these into your home experience.

Cocoon Fine Rugs recently released ‘Enigma’, a collection of black and white hand-knotted rugs for the very purpose of homeowners looking to introduce a novelty into their vibrant interiors. What characterizes this collection are the fields of soft-coloured washes—free-flowing dark forms that morph into any interior.

In this post, we explore several ways you can use rugs from this collection to fit a design purpose in your home.

1. Fumo

‘Fumo’ is a short poem of smoke written in natural, handspun silk and the finest hand-carded wool. The design depicts a smoky composition of black and grey streaks over an off-white background.

The starkness of the design allows homeowners to pair this with as busy a room arrangement as possible—your colourful objects, upholstery, and curtains can be shown off when contrasted against this rug.

A bright-patterned sofa can also look good when overlaid on it.

2. Monochrome

‘Monochrome’ uses bolder shapes than Fumo; the riveting L-shaped lines create an axis that moves the eye.

This hand-knotted is ideal for a homeowner who wants to bring out a dashing, creative side to their interiors. You can also pair it with other black and white themes to earn that glamorous, modern look.

Due to the orthogonal, bichromatic nature of the rug, you can coordinate it with potted plants that you may have in  your interiors.

3. Sketch

The Sketch rug is our hand-knotted rug with a minimalistic design.

This type of composition will not upstage other decor elements in the room. It will allow you to craft the floor plan as busy as you like—with lines, objects, and colours.

One idea that can work well is pairing with a host of black accessories—lighting fixtures, chairs, cushions, coffee tables, and ornaments. In this way, you can pronounce the black theme for the purpose of aesthetic taste.

4. Charcoal

The Charcoal rug is a busy pattern that keeps the eye moving. Naturally, pairing it with neutral-coloured furniture, objects, and surfaces is the preferred aesthetic logic. The differences between stark and intricate can be brought out if you choose well; for example, a sofa with gold upholstery can get your guests excited with the delightful contrast.

Introducing a black and white hand-knotted rug into your room is relatively easier compared to their more colourful counterparts. The biochromatic palette tends to fit into any context when you use your design sense. If you want more recommendations on how to design your room with these rugs, feel free to contact our consultants at Cocoon Fine Rugs. We will try our best to make the aesthetics work!