Who said rugs are just for floors?

Rugs make for one of the most expedient and versatile tools for home decor. They add warmth and color to every room and are of great practical use. They also compliment all kinds of room designs and can be customized easily to suit one. Hence, adding a rug to your decor makes great sense but why just for the floors?

With the varied types and patterns of rugs available, it would be a shame to just use them as a companion to your floor. Cocoon’s fine and gorgeous rugs make you want to frame them but you can do one better and use them as wall art.

Here are some interesting ways you can use rugs for adorning your walls:

1) A splash of color:

Using a rug as wall art is a great way to add colour to an otherwise dull or sober room. A colourful or patterned adds a tint of style in an understated which doesn’t overshadow the actual design you were going for and manages to bring warmth and coziness to the room.

2) Back-grounding:

Rugs make for stunning if a little traditional backdrop for your furniture or art pieces for the room. You can use them to draw attention towards the art piece or to simply provide a fine background to your furniture for example a television set.

3) Statement maker:

Wall to wall, classic or bold rugs make for amazing statement pieces for your room. They add a new perspective to your walls and to the overall look of your space. These rugs are a staple for Persian or Chic bohemian style rooms.

4) Easy on the eyes:

What better way to cover up any abrupt changes to the room design or blotchy surfaces on the wall than with a stylish and lovely rug. A lot of times, windows are positioned right next to a broad pillar giving the room an abrupt and incomplete look. Rugs, to the rescue. Use them to divert attention from the space. You can also cover up cracks in the plaster using them. They also look great on walls of the stairwell or long corridors or other transitional spaces.

5) Wall accessory:

You can also couple rugs with other art pieces for a varied and interesting wall decor. The customized, ‘Too good to be true’ rug or the postage stamp wall rug make for cool and fun wall accessories.

You can also play around with your floor rug and use the rug on the wall to compliment or contrast it.