Why Carpets Are A Magical Solution For Rented Apartments

Rented apartments are a special and personal space for most of us. They not only mark the first step of our independence but also give us a free reign to pour out all our designer skills and create a decor that we love. But, just as our new found independence and adult life, our apartments also come with their own shortcomings. From dented walls to cracked paint to dingy floors, a rented apartment embodies marks of each of its tenants which pose a great problem towards getting a great decor.

Here come in the magical carpets, not only are they easy to use and purchase but is a miraculous solution for your rented apartment.

1.Cover up:

Ugly floors or blotched beige carpets find their respite in the form of pretty and functional rugs. Most of the new-age apartments have tiled flooring which turns dingy and ugly with usage, rugs are not only great cover-ups but provide you with comfortable reading and resting surfaces. For splotchy and dull carpets, there is not much repair that you can do except covering them with rugs to give your room a fresh and complete look.


Rugs are the saving grace of every studio apartment. They are the only thing that helps you separate your dining area from the bedroom or any other living space. Not just studio apartments, rugs are useful for other homes as well. They can help you make your dining area look more formal or help you keep your feet clean in the bedroom.


Rugs are easy to purchase, use and maintain. They need minimum maintenance in form of dusting and require thorough cleaning only once in a few months. They are also easy to purchase as you can now buy rugs from Cocoon online and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Rugs give your home a fresh and complete look and are very versatile. Use them as a place for dining or laze away on them with a blanket and a book on a rainy. Rugs are fit for all these requirements and more.