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Your rug is a distinctive medium of beauty and functionality for your interiors.

It is ornamental, complementing the styles and colors you have in place. It is also practical, framing your spaces and furniture, and ensuring a soft place to rest your feet.

As long as you take care of it, it is undeniably a plus point to your home.

There is a common refrain of a few homeowners, however, a cautionary myth thrown around: that rugs are harmful for your children.

However, you don’t need to fret, as this narrative doesn’t apply to your hand-knotted rugs.

The Problem is Factory-Made Rugs

The type of rugs that can harm your kids are hand-tufted and factory-made rugs, which have vestiges of chemicals, plastics, and dangerous adhesives that your child could accidentally ingest. Many of these rugs are manufactured with speed in mind more than safety.

This arsenal of micro-sized dangers can trigger lung-related allergies and diseases in your toddlers as they crawl over these rugs on all fours. A toddler’s low vantage point also ensures that the dust they displace from the rug’s pile, into the air above, will envelope their personal space, settling inside their respiratory tracts.

Hand-Knotted Natural Fibres Are Safe

It is a myth that hand-knotted rugs can harm your kids. Hand-knotted rugs are perfectly organic, crafted with the hands of experienced artisans, free of the by-products seen in factory and machine-made rugs.

Hand-knotted rugs do not have a plastic or synthetic backside, as they are made of natural materials like wool, silk, jute, and cotton. As long as you purchase these rugs from verified sources within the chain of a reliable cottage industry, they are perfectly safe for your little toddler!

As an added benefit to society, these natural fibres don’t contribute to microplastic pollution in landfills and oceans like the factory-made rugs do

Double Safety with Professional Cleaning

However, should you neglect certain maintenance standards, your rug could, over time, attract fungal spores, pollen, bacteria, dust, and mildew. But this isn’t a cause for panic!

Hand-knotted rugs are easily washed, and even if you do not find the time to do it, you can always ask for professional help. It’s highly recommended that you have your rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year, as the experts know how these rugs are structured and how to ensure maximum cleanliness at the cost of minimum damage.

Consult with these experienced operators in the hand-knotted rug industry. Cocoon Fine Rugs can recommend the best cleaners who can effectuate the process without damaging the threads and knots!