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5 Tips to Choose a Rug for a Pet-friendly Home

Extravagant home decor does not often exist harmoniously with your pets.

Most pet owners know the chaos that cute, but unpredictable animals can bring into their living quarters. 

Long claws, muddy paws, restless teeth, spirited frolicking, violent tantrums, unruly bladders, and unbridled hormones—all these occurrences can be of a concern while selecting your rugs.

We want you to have a seamless home experience while selecting your rug, to expel the worry that your pet might ruin it. This post will outline everything you need to know to select your ideal, pet-friendly rug.

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As manufacturers of largely hand knotted rugs, a few pointers for you to note is that our rugs are arranged over months, even years. Cocoon fine rugs are intricate textile products made from a range of knotting techniques, targeted to the part of society that prizes human artistry.

The knot is the basic unit of the whole. Essentially it is the knot where one can begin to understand these arcane masterpieces. Our finest rugs hold as many as 100,00,000 knots.

What type of Silk and Wool should you consider while purchasing your rug?

One often gets confused what is the quality of wool and silk that one should look at while purchasing a handknotted rug. Viscose, Artificial silk, bamboo silk are all words that one has probably heard of but does not know what they really mean and how they should affect our purchase decision.

At the end of this blog I’m sure you will know everything you need to know about different qualities of wool and silk...

How to Choose the Right Hand knotted Rug: A Guide from Cocoon

A well-designed rug has the decorative prowess to transform your room into a magical space. It serves as classy artwork for your floor and provides a complementary backdrop for other furniture.

Globally, interior designers have always admired the multi-tasking capabilities offered by rugs. First, the perfect rug lifts the mood and look of a room by enhancing the style quotient by several notches. Second, it does an admirable job of making the room's imperfections in one chic swoop!

There's a challenge though - many buyers struggle to find a rug with the correct colour, pattern and texture for their space....

6 Reasons Why Rugs are Essential for Home Decor

A space that has an been designed well needs definition and upliftment through various accessorizing. Today homes tend to be extensions of people’s personalities and need the extra extra-dimensional power that can even soften the eye of the toughest critic.

Elements like—lines, colors, textures, materiality, furniture styles, linens, curtains. Rugs/carpets—all play an important role in accentuating one’s home.

The mighty hand knotted rug will be discussed in this post, for its value as an essential element to any house that wants to maximize its visual and comfort value. We outline 6 reasons for its usage, based on its versatility.

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Why Hand-Knotted Rugs Are Not Harmful to Your Toddlers

Your rug is a distinctive medium of beauty and functionality for your interiors.

It is ornamental, complementing the styles and colors you have in place. It is also practical, framing your spaces and furniture, and ensuring a soft place to rest your feet.

As long as you take care of it, it is undeniably a plus point to your home.

There is a common refrain of a few homeowners, however, a cautionary myth thrown around: that rugs are harmful for your children.

However, you don’t need to fret, as this narrative doesn’t apply to your hand-knotted rugs.

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4 Practical Tips to Maintaining Hand-Knotted Rugs in the Monsoons

With the onset of monsoons in a tropical region like Mumbai, hand-knotted rugs are prone to a unique set of dangers. The humidity and surface wetness tend to disrupt the pile of the rug by weakening the carefully crafted knots.

Remember that your hand-knotted rug is a collector’s item, and ideal maintenance during the monsoons can go a long way to increasing its value in time. Here are some tips that we recommend to prevent undue damage to your rug during the wet season.

1. Keep the Cleaning Methods Dry:...

6 Commonly Asked Questions About Hand-Knotted Rugs

While you may not understand them, you may have heard of them.

In a world of machine-made goods, they celebrate the value of pushing the envelope of human creativity and grit. Hand-knotted rugs emphasize the human element in interior decor, quelling those generic standards forced by factory lines and computerized templates. What you see on these exquisite rugs is the natural progression of the hand-knotting craft down through the centuries.

In the 15th Century in Persia, craft centers in villages were funded by the Safavid shahs of that golden era, This is exactly what Cocoon Fine Rugs does...

The Difference Between Hand-Knotted and Hand-Tufted Rugs

Through the ages, the hand-knotted rug ruled over the households of Central Asia, circulating in a time of great trade from the steppes down to the Persian Empire, Africa, and India.

The weaving method was so effective, and its result so enduring, that it never fell into obsolescence. Artisanal guilds grew around its purpose, and family members inherited it from generation to generation, enraptured by its textural intricacies.

It is an artistic behemoth spanning multiple cultures and geographies.

As an established company in the rug market, we have often told our target audience to opt for hand-knotted rugs...

Rug Care 101: Preventive Measures

Just getting your carpets and rugs cleaned on a bi-yearly basis is not enough, you’ve got to have constant vigilance and practice preventive measures to ensure the longevity and durability of your prized possessions. You’ve taken so much time and effort into picking out each of the pieces that adorn your home, so it is only fitting that you put in the work when it comes to maintaining them. Here are some measures you can take, because as the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.