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How To: Create A Seductive Boudoir

Your bedroom is the most personal and intimate place in your whole home. It is where you let loose and a piece of the world you can call you own. It is where you experience the most harmonious and cherished moments of your life. So it is only fitting that your bedroom be the seductive and sensuous, where you can escape to and be nestled in joyous comfort. But while bringing some romance into your boudoir, it’s very easy to make it tasteless and gaudy. So here are our tips to make your bedroom a seductive one:

1) Shiny...

Never: 7 Painting Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

Choosing the paint to go with can be a real big hassle. It’s more than just differentiating between “Sunshine Orange” and “Evening Orange”. Choosing colors for different areas of your home isn't a decision to take lightly. It is the paint that sets a room's mood and impacts how the furniture around looks.

There are sources that tell you about the paints you can go with, but today we’re telling you about the 7 painting mistakes you shouldn't make.

1.Match Everything

It's rather difficult to not have things easy and just add a fabric swatch...

4 Rugs To Spruce Your Living Space

Your personal space is anassortment of handpicked elements- each oneselected with utmost love and thought. Everything put in place to match your personality and extend your charm to your guests. It is the décor that makes a house, your personal living space. While you pay great attention to your home décor, make sure you pay some to your floor.

Rugs make an amazing addition to the charm of your living space. To ignore the potential of a beautiful rug is one of the No-Nos of home décor.

5 Interior Design Trends In 2016

The new-year has been full of innovation and new fashion trends. While everything tends to evolve, interior design trends have been keeping pace with the change. This year seems to go deep into the art of class and simplicity. Designers are moving on to using minimalistic elements to create stunningly niche living spaces.

Here are a 5 interior design trends to up the décor game of your personal space.

Minimal Black Metals

The era of the bulky has come to pass. You can never go wrong with iron and blackened steel. Designers are increasingly starting...

Travel Inspired Décor

Travelling molds a person in ways more than one. It changes the way one perceives life and things around. Speaking of a different outlook, the surroundings of a passionate traveller can be far more interesting than a normal home.

Being a traveller, you would know that with some careful shopping during your explorations, and an afternoon at the craft table, you could have travel souvenirs that you will be proud to display.

Here are a few travel inspired décor tips for your home.

4 Reasons Why Vacuuming Is Your Carpet's Life Saver

Carpets can bring an otherwise ordinary space to life, but it is very essential to maintain the cleanliness of these enriching carpets.


Carpets are prone to the maximum risk of getting stained and soiled over a period of time. Such factors have the potential to turn a splendid extravagance into a rather unpleasant sight. We can’t thank technology enough for the invention of what the world calls the vacuum cleaner. 


We can’t help but state 4 reasons why vacuuming is your carpet’s life saver 


Saves Time:Unlike professional carpet cleaning, vacuuming your space saves you a lot of...

Tips to Decorate Around your Rug

Purchasing a rug might seem like you've topped the task of decorating your home. But you’re far from it. We know that a rug adds a certain aesthetic to your space, but in order to help tie it together, you need to decorate around your rug.


There’s a lot you can do around your rug in order to move a step closer to having a well decorated home. There’s home décor and then there’s some ‘rug décor’ you need to work on to have a home that makes your home or workspace a stunner.


Here are a few...

How Helpful are Your Carpets In Noise Reduction?

Carpets are one of the key elements of your home that give it a character along with a warm, fuzzy feeling. It is a carpet that can enhance the look of an otherwise boring home.Apart from color and character, carpets can enhance your lifestyle in ways more than one.In addition to adding life to your homes, carpets can actually help reduce the noise around you.


Sound can be transmitted from anywhere, even through floors. Together with the sound of technical installations, elevators, water pipes, surroundings, etc. It can spike your irritation levels and how.


Carpets have...

Car-Pets: What Rugs Are The Best For A Pet-Friendly Home

People are often of the opinion that rugs and carpets in pet-friendly home are a complete no-no.This can’t be farther from the truth. Pets can thrive in a rugged home, however you need to keep in mind certain things when you’re introducing your pet to a carpet or vice versa. Here are some things you should consider while carpeting your floors in your home.


  1. Stain Resistance: Pets, like humans, can be extremely messy. So while buying your carpet ensure that it is has high stain resisting abilities. In a world of technologically advanced rugs, this won’t be hard...



Interior design trends are forever evolving and changing to incorporate the most recent trends off of the runways. Keeping it modern yet simplistic seems to be the current inclination of interior designers the world over. Here are some routes you can take towards converting the space you intend on decorating a modern one.


  1. Use Smoky Glass: Invest in a smoky glass table or accent and add an air of chicness to any room. Smoky glass is glass that is gray and in essence looks like snow. This adds...
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