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The monsoon ushers in the gorgeous rain and the stormy clouds, kindling a sense of pleasure and happiness. But the rains also bring a feeling of looming dreariness and gloominess. This can cause depression and even S.A.D, no not sadness, but Seasonal Affective Disorder, which causes one to feel down and out, because their time in the sun is replaced by time cowering under an umbrella. Your home too requires an uplifting aura and a splash of color to beat the monsoon blues. Here are some handy tips to tide you through the horrendous monsoons.


  1. Candles...



Choosing the right paint color is no easy venture. Whether you’re painting your room, a wall in your bathroom, you kitchen, your den, or any other place in your home or workspace, there are a large number of things you need to consider. Fret not, we’re providing you with an in-depth checklist of what you should consider before picking a color of the paint.


  1. Lighting

Pick a paint color based on where your windows are located. This is because the windows are where the light enters the room. If you have ample...



Many rug-enthusiasts are often at odds while choosing the right rug to decorate their spaces. Caught in several conundrums, regarding size, colors and prints, you can either go for glory or go completely wrong. Here are some mistakes you should steer clear of while picking a rug to adorn the room you’re decorating.


  1. Size Matters: Never pick a rug that’s too small. The back legs of your furniture should be stable and firmly pressed onto the rug. Around the bed, you must feel the rug every time your feet touch the ground. Smaller rugs are...



We often find ourselves with the need to redecorate our living quarters and work spaces. However, we’re faced with a dilemma as to what carpet to pick. Should you have a piece that blends in with the room or one that stands out and creates its own fashion statement? What color should you pick? These conflicting thoughts will cross your mind; however, this is your rug-decorating bible that will walk you through all your colored rug-related queries.


  1. Color is the Key: As far as the color trends go for rugs...


Rugs are often the focal point of a room’s décor. Not only do they help tie the whole room together but often accentuate the charm and flamboyance of the entire space. For centuries, dining rooms have had carpets or rugs in them that drive your attention not only to the centrepiece- the dining table, but also unite and bring synergy to the room.



A good example of the rug being the point of convergence is displayed here; where Cocoon’s Art Deco rug with it’s blue hues and geometric design...

Area Rugs Rules


One often hears many-a-things about “rules to lay down a rug”; however there are no specific rules of thumb as far as rugs are concerned. Of course, there a set of guidelines one must follow while decorating your home with a rug, but sometimes you can improvise. Here is a set of rules to keep in mind.


  1. Keep the front legs of your sofas and couches on the rug.
  2. Keep all legs of chairs, pouffies, footrests and tables on the rug.
  3. Dimension: Keep about 12-18 inches...

Pantone: Marsala


As seen at various interior decorating expos this year, the trending pantone for home décor is the beautiful color of wine, Marsala. Homeowners and decorators are seen embracing this royal and plush shade of red. Home furnishings in Marsala color can enhance the atmosphere in rooms decorated with light and dark brown colors or create bold accents to spice up interior design and decorating in...

The New Neutral

The significance of home décor has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Now, much like fashion, home décor also has seasons wherein pieces of furniture are moved around, new fixtures are added and lighting is changed. To suit each season, there are trending color palletes, lamps, rugs and other fixtures like mirrors and chandeliers.

For rugs, the current trends in rug décor are more than 50 Shades of Gray! Pop color trend continues being hot, but lately cool...