In the elegant narrative of 'Samanvay' designed by Gautam Shewa Architects, tradition intertwines seamlessly with modern luxury.
Amidst this tapestry of refined living, our rug serves as a silent protagonist, blending effortlessly with the ambiance of the living room. Its tranquil blue and grey hues harmonize with the curated decor, infusing the space with an air of understated elegance.

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The ‘Cocoon Experience’ is never fully complete, till the last customer is happy and satisfied. Still not being able to find what you are looking for after browsing our extensive collections? Don’t worry! Our rug experts are here to assist you in your quest.

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We take every detail into account to provide you with the ideal rug for your home. Our vast collection of designs ensure that we will have a rug just for you. Here are some of our rugs that have found their perfect homes!


Explore our unique world of collaborations with designers from various design backgrounds. They create distinctive floor coverings that often blur the line between artistic disciplines. Our rugs are made by some of the world’s best craftsmen who combine ancient weaving and textile art techniques with the contemporary vision of top designers and architects. We believe these intersections of designs spark unique ideas that create ‘art you can walk on’.


Hello World! Let us all make a pledge to create a beautiful future ahead for ourselves, our loved ones and our environment.

The team at Cocoon Fine Rugs is continually looking at ways to minimize the impact on environment. With a focus on sustainability, existing processes are continuously reviewed to ensure positive short-term as well as long-term impact.

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