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5 Tips To Decorate With More Than 1 Rug

Decorating a space is quite the undertaking because these spaces are where you spend a major part of your day, and you want to come home to or work in a place that is inviting and decorated in a way that is appealing to all your senses. So while decorating a space, never discount the importance of rugs and carpets. Not only can they tie a whole space together but also, accentuate and amplify the grandeur of your space. These are a couple of tips you must pay heed to while decorating using carpets and area rugs.

1)Divide and...

How to Include Abstract Art into Your Décor Which Makes It Looks like a Poet’s Dream

Impressionist Art- one of the boldest and most gorgeous forms of art. Abstract art can transform any space and give a new identity to each room it is placed in. However, the best way to decide the placement of your artwork can be a tricky business. Most people find it too difficult to find the perfect arrangement and back out of implementing this amazing concept.

Fret not, gentle decorator, there is a plan for everything. Here are a few ways you can include an abstract art piece into your décor that would definitely make any romantic’s heart swell:


Pale Dogwood Interiors

Pale Dogwood is undoubtedly one of the more beautiful shades of pink evercreated. What with this shade being inculded the Pantone colors of the year 2017, it should come as no surprise that most interior designers have been gushing to include this beautiful shade in their design palette.

Somewhere between ethereal and modern; dainty and mysterious, this shade makes for interiors so spectacular, it would make your heart sore. Here are some of the most beautiful ways of including this stunner in your décor:

• We understand it’s really difficult to change your décor according to colors of the season, especially when you already love your original one. The remedy is, To keep it on the low. You can start out by bringing few accents of this gorgeous shade into your décor and expand on it if you love the new aura.

Finding That Perfect Shade Of Grey For Your Space

Quintessential and serene, grey is a color that looks great with every décor and still manages to stand out anywhere. You just have to choose from its fifty (more like thousand) shades.

We know, it sounds daunting but finding the correct shadeis the final touch that elevates and completes your entire room design. Browse through the unique palette that this color presents to find your perfect hue:

1) Full Moon:

With a hue matching that of silver, this shade of grey looks absolutely luminous in well lit surroundings. Complement it with white to bring out an understated elegance to your space. If you are sceptical about using grey in your design, then this simple and graceful shade is your way to go.

Let Your Art Do the Talking: Basing Your Room Design On Your Artwork

As said by a wonderful art critic (by that we mean Oscar Wilde), ‘To reveal the art and conceal the artist is art’s aim’. Every piece of art is an expression and emotion brought alive with colors and threads. Since each work of art is unique, your decor becomes extraordinary just by its presence.

Also, introducing art into your home is the perfect way to enhance the elegance and beauty of your design. It brightens up your space, adds intrinsic artisanal value to it and, if placed perfectly, gives a unique feel to your room.


It’s all in the stars/Right from the Stars: Décor Inspired by Your Zodiac Traits - 2

Continuing our Sun sign inspired decor series; we are progressing with the 6 zodiac signs namely Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces that were not covered previously.

Now, your daily horoscope may not help you to turn your fortunes or prevent mishaps but there is after all some intrinsic value to the understanding of personalities represented by each of the zodiac signs.

Now, our sun signs may not be the most useful source of information when it comes to our future but we cannot deny there is a certain intrinsic value in the characteristics described by each...

Difference between bedroom rugs and living room rugs

When it comes designing your home decor, imagination should be your friend. We all want our homes to have a unique and individualistic touch to them. Our room furnishings should not only reflect our personal sense of style but also the overall ambience of our space must have an eclectic and happy aura to it.

Therefore, when it comes to experimentation with your furnishings, sky is the limit but there are a few basic guidelines that you should keep in mind while select certain decor items like rugs.

Rugs are an integral part of any home design. They...

It’s all in the stars/Right from the Stars: Décor Inspired by Your Zodiac Traits - 1

Decorating or renovating your home in a style that suits you to the core and yet makes it look warm and stylish is not a work for those of faint hearts. Looking at the huge amount of options available and the wide variety to choose from may drive you to beg for divine inference, well why not tap the stars?

Now, your daily horoscope may not help you to turn your fortunes or prevent mishaps but there is after all some intrinsic value to the understanding of personalities represented by each of the zodiac signs.

Each sign represents...

Who said rugs are just for floors?

Rugs make for one of the most expedient and versatile tools for home decor. They add warmth and color to every room and are of great practical use. They also compliment all kinds of room designs and can be customized easily to suit one. Hence, adding a rug to your decor makes great sense but why just for the floors?

With the varied types and patterns of rugs available, it would be a shame to just use them as a companion to your floor. Cocoon’s fine and gorgeous rugs make you want to frame them but you can do...

Decorating Using Primary Colours

The Primary colors - Red, Blue and Yellow, just the thought of them pops a happy, grand image in our heads. They are indispensible when you want to add brightness or balance to your room. But these three essentialcolorsare seldom used together except for children’s playrooms or nurseries.

Well,we don’t believe that is even close to adequate, just like these three can be used to make infinite colors, their various combinations can be used to create décor that is stunning and unique in its own way.

Check out some of the ways you can use them in your furnishings:

1) Not So Childish:

The main reason why people shy away from Primary colors is the belief that yellow, blue and red belong in a child’s nursery or paint box, which is just one of the many misconceptions associated with decorating. Primary colors look great in any room, just given they are used correctly and balanced out well. Rooms with good natural lighting and cross circulation are ideal for decorating with Primary colors.

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