Trend Forecasting: What Rug Trends Will 2023 Start With?

As 2023 breaks into spring, the Indian home blooms with possibility.

Rugs mimic the art forms that are famous.

In these opening months of the year, we spied three trends that will make your floors unique! 

Rugs of an Unusual Shape

In a design world mostly formalized in rigid lines, use unusually shaped rugs and pack a visual punch.

These three rugs exhibit a richness of texture that would pacify the most unadventurous aesthete.  

Moonrock has the gorgeous design and textures of lunar topography. Interlude’s inky blue blots create a sense of passing time on its parchment textures, while its close cousin, Vellum, is a more neutral-colored rug that is easy to fit into any color palette.  

Geometric Colour-Block Designs

Even a century later, the influence of the Bauhaus School endures.

These three modern rugs, designed in its styles, mellow down your home decor in their neutral-looking browns, grays and blues.

Colorado is a layered pattern of lines in diptych format. Espalier is reminiscent of matchstick-design. Sandstone is an elegant round rug inset with another round shape in gentler tones. 

Earthy home decor will go well with these rugs!

Traditional Rugs with a Modern Twist

To situate our homes in time, people have shifted between two extremes.

They have laid down vintage rugs derived from the textile art forms practised by the great Middle Eastern and Central Asian tribes of Antiquity. And they have laid down the abstracted modern forms derived from painters and color theorists in the last century.

Now, we merge these two schools of thought—into Transitional motifs.

The Helix transitional rug shows a dense network of tribal art motifs within the border-field-medallion format, tastefully roughed out with an abstract painting of blue-gray and brown-gray tones. Mystic is emphasized in sandy hues that overpower the traditional floral motifs on the field. Lumos has sprawling arabesques over a mud-scraped background.

These mid-century transitional designs will fall in place no matter your era-constrained themes.

And that’s a wrap.

These themes will circle the world of rug décor during the early months of 2023. Cocoon's design bank isn’t just restricted to these designs. There are more variants within the same art forms.

Contact our consultants at the earliest to get ahead of your yearly décor plans. They will help you pick what fits. We also have rug stores in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Jaipur.