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Cocoon Fine Rugs: The Best Carpets Store in Kolkata for Luxury Handmade Rugs

You can browse our hand-knotted rug collection in the way that suits you best. Sort the rugs by size, colour, design style, material, and store location. Do you prefer large area rugs of silk-wool blends? You got it. We categorized everything we have for your convenience. Additionally, to cater to our larger base of clientele in the north-east segment of the country, Cocoon set up a rugs store in Kolkata. Ambitious homeowners, textile aesthetes, interior decorators, and art savants in the cultural capital of India can now convene upon our location to find carpets that beautify all manner of interior space. If you know your home deserves a high-end aesthetic, browse our luxury carpets in Kolkata.

Modern Area Rugs in Kolkata

Find modern compositions of your hand-knotted rugs. They come as a range of schema from abstract expressionist paintings to Bauhaus aesthetics to geometric patterns to natural forms. Cocoon uses high-end source materials from the Middle East, Central Asia, and New Zealand—hand-carded wool, high-spun silk, jute, and blends of all three materials. You can opt for an expansive area rug like Whitewash from our Alchemy collection or something smaller like a jute dhurries in Kolkata, the options are many!

Classic Hand Knotted Rugs in Kolkata

Rugs often take on the essence of their makers. The genealogy of the hand-knotted rugs you find in our rug stores today are like the genealogy of the guilds, towns, and cities whose designs were their original forms. History evolves into complexity, so now our collection of traditional carpets in Kolkata are a smorgasbord of textile leitmotifs and hues inherited from the original artisans of yore. The hand-knotting culture of Persia, Turkey, India, and other regions can be emblazoned on your living room rugs in Kolkata—have a look around our store!

Transitional Hand Knotted Rugs in Kolkata

While having a look around our carpet store in Kolkata, you might wonder why homeowners toe the line in their choice of hand-knotted rugs, opting for either modern or traditional schema. Is there a third option, the line between these two major types? Yes. Transitional rugs. If you want Persian-style motifs in stark, modern proportions, Cocoon is the place to visit. We sell rugs of all sizes, hues, and designs—find wool, jute, and silk rugs in Kolkata now!

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