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Cocoon Fine Rugs: The Best Rugs Store in Jaipur for Hand Knotted Carpets

Daydreaming about luxury rugs in Jaipur? Perhaps, you suspect your home needs a makeover. When you ask the hard questions of your interior space, the answers lie in browsing categories of hand-knotted rugs which we have, here, provided for your convenience. You might have certain parameters of choice: material, size, and design. Do you prefer large area rugs made of wool? We have a category for that. If you prefer a runner rug for your home’s narrower passageways, we also have a category for that. No matter your requirement, Cocoon makes the process of purchase seamless. What if you want to physically inspect each rug? We have opened a rugs store in Jaipur, and you can visit it on your own time. Our consultants there will assist you on matters of recommendation and specification. Let us know!

Modern Handmade Rugs in Jaipur

When you look for modern rugs, you might have several aesthetics in mind: abstract paintings, geometric patterns, randomized squiggles, overlapping straight lines, and stark compositions of blotches and splashes. Our collection of modern carpets in Jaipur are for the home that wants to wear the present as skin. If you have such a home in mind, please browse our contemporary designs: get anything from an abstract expressionist area rug to a smaller jute dhurrie rug; in Jaipur, a pinnacle of Indian traditional art, modernity can still thrive!

Classic Hand Knotted Rugs in Jaipur

Jaipur is a city defined by its open layers of history. Like this tourism-strong city, our collection of traditional carpets follow the logic of using the layers of history as a point of interest: Persian, Turkish, Indian, and several other ethnogeographic hand-knotting forms are used to intensify the interior of your home with medieval leitmotifs. When looking for traditional carpets in Jaipur, visit our carpet store and find what you are looking for. For starters, you can find wool, jute, and silk rugs in Jaipur, easily categorized by material for your convenience.

Transitional Hand Knotted Rugs in Jaipur

As a homeowner who wants to blend traditional and modern forms, designers and artists the world over will have a forthcoming answer: transitional rugs. We satisfy their tastes with hand-knotted rug designs that combine the best of both worlds. The sands of time are relentless and their dunes transition like our collection of transitional indoor and outdoor rugs in Jaipur—from past to future. Consult with our experts on where to place these new-age masterpieces in your home!

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