Bring a Ray of Sunshine into your space with our Refreshing Spring Collection

“Flowers are the music of the ground” - Edwin Curran

Likewise, patterns and textures are the musical notes of rugs.

Resonating the quote, these simple elements can evoke emotions and feelings as musical notes can create an ethereal vibe. Each designer carpet has its unique combination of patterns and textures that work together to create a harmonious design, much like a musical composition.

As the chill of winter fades away, spring brings a sense of excitement and rejuvenation. Similarly, our spring collection boasts soft pastel shades, intricate designs, and playful patterns that capture the essence of this beautiful season.

We have curated a trends list with our top 6 home décor ideas that will breathe new life into any part of the home. Read more to find out. 

6 Breathtaking Ways you can level up your space this Prime Season

1. Go Minimalist with Earthy Clay Tones

Are you a person who would go for minimal decor? Do you prefer to add a zest of tangerine to your home decor?

If yes, your perfect match of handmade carpets online would be ALFAYBIR from our gleaming spring collection. With rich textures and distinct layers, this high-end rug goes well with almost every floral pattern of furnishings. Adding a subtle background to your dark-toned wooden furniture, you almost feel you are meandering on the withered grounds.

Embrace a contemporary take on the tradition by adorning your living area with this rug. Which will not only make it appear more spacious but also magnificent along with accent lighting.

2. Include a Tweak of Shimmer

As the name implies, the ‘MARIGOLD’ embraces intricate motifs and symmetrical floral patterns of complimentary undertones. When put together with a contrasting style of indo-modern furniture, it can gracefully amplify the vastness of the space.

These hand-woven rugs feature a lustrous sheen and a plush texture, adding a touch of luxury to a spacious layout. Incorporate storage and mirrors that echo the legitimacy of the rug.

3. Add Speckles of Gold

Inspired by the patterns of nature such as branches of trees and a gleaming palette of sunset, CROÛTE D'OR is a distinguished addition to any sparsely furnished space. As this high-end rug can easily draw attention and can leave the viewer in awe with its free-flowing design.

Embellish it with a matte brass metal decor to add a majestic ambience to your space. Maintain the gleam of the space by adding sheer curtains and eliminating obstacles from your windows.

4. Spick and Span

Handcrafted from only the finest materials, this stunning designer carpet boasts a unique and eye-catching design that combines layers of metallic gold and beige hues with a subtle, abstract pattern. Give your space a nifty look along with frosted glass fenestration and matte brass frames.

The minimal and artistic flavour of GOLDSCHICHTEN can accompany a combination of mid-century furnishings and decor. Sink your toes into its plush, dense pile and revel in the comfort by adding rustic home decor.

5. Refashion With Abstract Forms and Lines

With a dramatic composition of lines and forms, this contemporary rug BUBBLE can add a poetic perspective to your living, foyer or any socially active space. Complementing the bold shades of the rug, go for a minimal design of furniture. Convey a distinctive accent of modern style with metallic theme decor.

Clay pots filled with wooden elements, soft blooms and candle decor of similar character can set a specific tone. This way it can cohesively enhance the chirpy mood of the space.

6. Celebrate Richness in Vivid Colors

As a brilliant infusion of naturally flattering shades, SCALLOP from our spring collection can imbue a feeling of subtle energy and excitement in your space. Endorsing the natural palette of moss green, get creative by adding pastel floral cushions and pillows.

Glam it with leafy tropical plants and embellish it with cane lighting to pull off a serene vibe.

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Embracing the Mighty Spring…..

Selecting a rug that embodies the essence of spring can infuse any area with a revitalizing touch and assist in bringing the vivacious energy of the season indoors. Reestablish a cheerful and breezy atmosphere by choosing lightweight materials like linen and cotton. This can serve as an excellent launching pad for initiating your design process.

Although it's not obligatory to renovate every nook and cranny of your home, rejuvenating and enhancing the appearance of your upholstery, curtains, and focal point rugs can breathe new life into the space.

Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a subtle addition to your space, our collection of the best rugs in India has got you covered. We offer a huge selection of the best carpets in India that will perfectly suit your space. Explore our handmade carpets online at Visit our carpet store in Hyderabad, Mumbai Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore & Kolkata.