3 Tips to Help Preserve Your Hand-knotted Rugs After the Festive Season

As homeowners, we tend to take our prized possessions for granted once they sit in our living space over an extended period of time, gathering dust.

Hand-knotted carpets are crafted for longevity and destined to be handed down as antiques to future generations. 

With the constant high traffic in your living space as you welcome back guests during festive fervour, keeping them in quality condition can often be challenging. 

After the festive season, rugs tend to get damaged after trampling feet of guests have worn them out.

Here are a few ways to preserve the high-end quality your hand-knotted rugs after the festive season:

Maintain a Frequent At-home Cleaning Schedule

The hand-woven method of these ensures an easy wash and drying process due to their well-built latticework of warps and wefts. Due to the labor intensive method of manufacturing designer rugs at Cocoon, we only make use of the finest raw materials.

The dense, hefty, and intricate fabric of these carpets is more prone to collect a lot of dust. Ideally, vacuuming your rug twice a week can help keep it looking as good as new.

To perform a thorough cleaning, move the vacuum cleaner back and forth lightly over the pile. This helps remove collected dust without damaging the carpet. You can also contact our consultants at Cocoon to know more about the best vacuum cleaners for your carpets.

Special possessions require special care. Giving your hand knotted carpet a good, old shake helps you get rid of excess dust. As vacuum-cleaning can sometimes fail to remove all dust and other detritus, this task requires more space and may be better suited for modern area rugs than elongated runner rugs.

The pressure of heavy furniture can form ungainly depressions in your handcrafted rugs. Sharp nails can also cause the knots to come loose, thereby affecting the appearance. Make sure to rearrange and rotate your placements whenever possible to maintain the top-notch quality of your carpets this season.

Watch Out For Stains & Spills

Scary, isn’t it?

To imagine even a speck of something on your most precious heirloom? 

You can’t completely eliminate the possibility of spilling something on your carpets, but you can be quick-thinking when it happens. Stains remain a dangerous threat to the fabric of your rugs.

There are rug-cleaning liquids available in the market to help you get rid of stubborn stains. This helps preserve the original condition of your rugs. 

Also, creating a ‘No Food’ policy around the carpet area can prevent spillage often caused by guests or children.

Your Rugs Should Avoid Direct Sunlight

Prolonged UV rays exposure can cause long-term damage and take away the original colour and hues of your rugs.

The rays deeply penetrate into the pile causing its natural dyes to fade with time.

Therefore, it is vital to place it far away from your windows and other fenestrations, or, if you want to, to place curtains. rattan screens, or adhesive covers over the nearby window.

Rotating your carpet from time to time will also reduce the sunlight absorbed into the pile. 

Seek a Professional Carpet Cleaner’s Help

A professional carpet cleaning at least once a year ensures longevity and durability of your rug. Over an extended period of time, it is common for them to collect dust, dirt, and bacterial growth.

Other than regular vacuuming, a professional cleaner helps remove long ingrained pollutants and dust from carpets that have been in high-traffic spaces during festive seasons. 

At Cocoon, we provide a thorough rug-washing service. It is normal for wear and tear to deplete your rug’s lustre and colour. We strongly recommend an annual cleaning that makes it as good as new.

Our carpet stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Jaipur also offer rug pickup and delivery service for it to be taken care of by our skilled staff. We promise proper and thorough cleaning to help retain the beauty of these investments.