Cocoon Fine Rugs

Bench High

Rs. 84,250.00


Material: Iron/ Rug

Finish : Powder Coated

Product Size : 140.6cm x 46.6cm x 45cm

Design# 89-02000-2893-2

Collection - Yasmine 


Inspired by the tales of Aladdin, the Yasmine range brings together the artisanal beauty of handwoven rugs with the functionality of furniture, to create a lyrical design statement. A collaboration between AKFD and Cocoon Carpets explores Persian motifs accentuated by the minimal structure of the collection, providing a relaxed lounging experience like never before. Available as loungers, chairs, benches and ottomans, the Yasmine range re-imagines flying carpets in clean modern configurations.

Yasmine High Bench combines functionality with the allure of hand-knotted carpets, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Its elevated design invites conversations and relaxation. It can be nested with Yasmine Low Bench.

Bring in the silken magic of Aladdin to your abode!

Note:  Slight color variation in the image and actual carpet is to be expected.

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