Cocoon Fine Rugs


Rs. 99,850.00


Material :  Iron/ Rug

Finish: Powder Coated

Product Size : 122cm x 121.2cm x 36cm

Design# 89-02000-2894-3

Collection - Yasmine 


Inspired by the tales of Aladdin, the Yasmine range brings together the artisanal beauty of handwoven rugs with the functionality of furniture, to create a lyrical design statement. A collaboration between AKFD and Cocoon Carpets explores Persian motifs accentuated by the minimal structure of the collection, providing a relaxed lounging experience like never before. Available as loungers, chairs, benches and ottomans, the Yasmine range re-imagines flying carpets in clean modern configurations.

Rest your feet in style with Yasmine Ottoman, a fusion of comfort and artistry. Its captivating beauty makes it the perfect accent piece.

Bring in the silken magic of Aladdin to your abode!

Note:  Slight color variation in the image and actual carpet is to be expected.

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