Cocoon Fine Rugs

Qalamkari 2 (Size: 8'x10')

Rs. 325,000.00


Natural, handspun silk and fine, hand-carded wool.

Approx Size - 8'x10'(243.84cm X 304.8cm)


Collection - Isfahan By Jj Valaya


JJ Valaya’s celebrated design sensibilities and Cocoon’s mastery in fine rug weaving come together beautifully in this signature collection. Inspired by one of the oldest Persian cities and its famed architecture and motifs, the designs exude cultural reality of an era gone by, but, with a modern twist. The collection of hand knotted rugs has been woven with natural, handspun silk and fine, hand carded wool. A layered effect has been created in the rugs by intricate shearing.         

Note : Slight colour variation in image and actual carpet is to be expected.

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