Cocoon Fine Rugs

Terra Firma / Strata (Size: 9'X6')

Rs. 198,000.00


Hand-knotted carpet made of handspun hightwist wool with handspun pure silk accents.

Approx Size - 9'X6' 


Collection - Elemental By Studio Pka


Cocoon Fine Rugs collaborates with Studio PKA a leading architecture house for its upcoming new Elemental Collection. The collaboration between the two award-winning design houses brings together the design acumen and philosophy of the studio as well as the finesse, craft, and expertise of a legacy retail brand. Terra Firma deconstructs and juxtaposes elements, materials, and textures of existing projects designed by the studio- an abstraction not only its works but its ideology as well. Firmly rooted in both thought and expression, Terra Firma explores the 4 major landforms- Mountains, Hills, Plateaus, and Plains-Through abstracted forms and a muted palette.

Note:  Slight color variation in image and actual carpet is to be expected.

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