Interior design trends are forever evolving and changing to incorporate the most recent trends off of the runways. Keeping it modern yet simplistic seems to be the current inclination of interior designers the world over. Here are some routes you can take towards converting the space you intend on decorating a modern one.


  1. Use Smoky Glass: Invest in a smoky glass table or accent and add an air of chicness to any room. Smoky glass is glass that is gray and in essence looks like snow. This adds a layer of glass and sophistication, while being extremely subtle.


  1. Go with Indigo: This extremely sultry but definitely luxurious and elegant color can really make a space pop. Other colors like pink, beige, sage and gray match-up to this color with ease. So not only does this color stand out, but also is versatile enough to blend in.


  1. Mix it up with Metals: Gone are the days when monotones were all the rage in interior design. In current times, the drift has been towards mixing metals like rose gold and silver. Layer them up and flaunt your boldness.


  1. Tile and All: Due to the massive shift towards the new-age indoor/outdoor living trend, one will often come across polychromatic and kaleidoscopic tiles. These add a breath of unconventional innovation to your space while keeping things fresh and new.


  1. Artsy Rugs: Art is not just for walls and side tables; it is also for your floors. Pick a rug that looks like an exquisite work of art. These break the regular patterns and rectangular shapes of rooms and furniture and add a layer of pizzazz and finesse to all your spaces. Like Cocoon’s Chakra, Evoke and Fireworks, these quintessential rugs will help break the rectangular patterns of rooms.


Making use of any of these current trends accentuate the opulence and luxury of your space. While decorating always keep the current trends in mind, but make them your own by adding your individuality to the mix.