Tips to Decorate Around your Rug

Purchasing a rug might seem like you've topped the task of decorating your home. But you’re far from it. We know that a rug adds a certain aesthetic to your space, but in order to help tie it together, you need to decorate around your rug.


There’s a lot you can do around your rug in order to move a step closer to having a well decorated home. There’s home décor and then there’s some ‘rug décor’ you need to work on to have a home that makes your home or workspace a stunner.


Here are a few tips to decorate around your rug:


Take the rug with you.

When shopping for décor for your home, make sure you carry a small piece of the rug (a sample piece) or simply a snap of it in really great lighting. Doing so will help you have a solid visual- a reference for you to get the best idea on what will or won’t work for your home.


Clash or Match.

You can decorate your room around a theme that you think will go best with the rug you have. Giving your room a themed décor is sure to get you some added brownie points for putting together a marvelous view. You can also defy the rules and create your own mix of interesting decorative elements for your room. So that when the time comes to change things around, it won’t be too hard for you to replace a few fixtures, while keeping the essence the same.


Moving furniture around works wonders.

The shape of your rug is key when it comes to curating beautiful décor for your home.

If your rug is oval, arranging most of the furniture around it can really highlight the shape of the rug. Placing sofas and chairs, just off the edge of the rug is one way of doing it. Some experts also suggest that the furniture be placed atop the rug- doing so will draw focus to the rug and a tactfully placed piece of furniture will only add to the beauty.


Shape matters.

The shape of your room and rug must go hand in hand. If you have a room that's square, use a square shaped rug. If it is round, choose a round rug. The similarity in shape of the room and rug will only highlight the room’s overall beauty. Home décor is all about making a statement, and you can choose what statement your living space has to make.

Keep these tips in mind in order to have a well-furnished, beautiful looking home that is decorated to perfection.