How Helpful are Your Carpets In Noise Reduction?

Carpets are one of the key elements of your home that give it a character along with a warm, fuzzy feeling. It is a carpet that can enhance the look of an otherwise boring home.Apart from color and character, carpets can enhance your lifestyle in ways more than one.In addition to adding life to your homes, carpets can actually help reduce the noise around you.


Sound can be transmitted from anywhere, even through floors. Together with the sound of technical installations, elevators, water pipes, surroundings, etc. It can spike your irritation levels and how.


Carpets have the ability to absorb sounds up to ten times better than hard flooring.

The sounds generated in a carpeted room are much lower, as compared to hard flooring.They reduce the duration of the reflected sounds, thus avoiding any irritating distortion,enabling people to talk more softly.


Noisy Neighbours? Get a carpet.

Carpets can reduce sound reverberation and absorb over ten times more airborne noise than any other flooring material.


Grumpy Neighbours? Carpets to the rescue.

The excellent sound insulation properties of floor carpets help reduce noise in so many ways. They lower generated sounds and absorb reflected sounds. So, carpets can actually help you enjoy your party and reduce the chances of your neighbours turning up at your door.


Carpets are a synonym for class and comfort. No wonder they make the best choice for floor covering in cars, airplanes, luxury hotels, cinemas, concert halls, etc. When is your home getting one?