A Natural Discovery: Kasbah Undyed Carpets

Homeowners want options. Variety excites their instincts.

A home populated with as many colours, patterns, and design elements as the imagination can assemble is a home that they want to live in.

If you are someone who is conscious of your surroundings and is looking to buy natural materials and fibers for your home, our collection of natural undyed hand-knotted wool rugs is sure to catch your eye. These rugs negate the need for chemical dyes.

In this post, Cocoon Fine Rugs presents three options from its collection of undyed wool rugs: Kasbah.

Beni: Pairable L’s and T’s

The ‘Beni’ rug from our Kasbah Collection is a restrained composition of orthogonal black and white smears in the shape of L’s and T’s. It’s simple repetitions create an opportunity for easy pairings with furniture, upholstery, and objects. 

This area rug covers a lot of floor, and makes sure you can place it in a drawing room, dining room, or bedroom. The wool is better at absorbing sound, cushions the floor from feet and chairs, and helps keep the room warm, giving your rooms a cozy vibe.

Sable: Zebra-like Floor Skin

‘Sable’ is another expansive area rug from our Kasbah collection.

This one has a striking design compared to Beni, with a busier pattern of black lines in various orientations across a white background, resembling a zebra’s skin. The thick wool pile makes it feel soft underfoot, and it would certainly make a worthy addition to your modern dining area, as shown in the picture.

Like all the undyed natural wool rugs in this collection, it keeps the domestic environment safe, and in a worst-case scenario of spoilage, will not pollute the external environment if disposed of in landfill or oceans.

Fleck: Plotted Points of a Crumpled Paper

The ‘Fleck’ rug is an ivory and black composition that melds into your home decor with few problems.

Its subtle colours do not dominate other objects and surfaces in the room, which make it the perfect supporting element to good home decor. This rug can be contrasted with bold, block colours and paired within several configurations of interior décor setting and layouts.

The black blotches on it are plotted in a manner that resembles crumpled paper from a bird’s eye view. Owing to the large size of this handwoven wool rug, it can be used to anchor space and key furniture pieces in a living room, such as in the example above, where it anchors the accent tables to the rest of the island: the sofa and potted plants. 

Remember that a hand-knotted rug is an investment that can last your entire life, appreciating in value due to its artistic status. And a version that adheres to sustainable tenets—creating no lasting pollution in hearth, home, and city—is one that homeowners could start selecting, in the race to securing our planet’s future.

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