5 Layered area rugs that your home needs urgently

Layered area rugs are the latest trend in home décor. Rugs have become an essential part of any home furnishings but why should they be left alone when no other piece of furnishing is left untouched with some personalization and creativity.

Layered rugs give your décor a super chic and stylish look. Also when used right, they make your room more comfortable and nifty. Here are some of the ideas for layering your rug that your home urgently needs:

1)Get Creative:

Don’t go mainstream on your rug ideas. Let your imagination take the front seat on this one. Try putting together any rug of any shape or design. No need to maintain order. Pair or triple Jute rugs with plain woollen hand spun rugs or fur lined carpets to give your space a special personalized touch.

2)Piece it together:

Take rugs of similar shapes and patterns and piece them together and watch the magic unfurl on your floor. Usually rugs with the same patterns and symmetry work the best for this type of layering but you could experiment with complimentary colors as well.


3)Play with shapes: 

Different shapes, sizes and patterns, go all out with the variety of your rugs. Do keep in mind to compliment the materials of the rugs as they may pose a trouble matching together, for example do not couple animal hides with fur based rugs. In this layering your floor layout looks unique and classy.

4)It’s all about that base:

For more classical and conventional layering of your rugs, always go for a suitable base. Stick to the symmetry of the design while layering. Although neutral and plain rugs make for great bases, you could experiment with bolder and varied patterns.

5)Conscious layering:

This is the layering you might have been doing for a long time. Place your rugs judiciously in places that you need them the most. These rugs are useful as well as add an extra boost of color to your space. Use them as doormats or for providing specific cushioning areas and get utility and comfort out of your decor.