Pale Dogwood Interiors

Pale Dogwood is undoubtedly one of the more beautiful shades of pink evercreated. What with this shade being inculded the Pantone colors of the year 2017, it should come as no surprise that most interior designers have been gushing to include this beautiful shade in their design palette.

Somewhere between ethereal and modern; dainty and mysterious, this shade makes for interiors so spectacular, it would make your heart sore. Here are some of the most beautiful ways of including this stunner in your décor:

• We understand it’s really difficult to change your décor according to colors of the season, especially when you already love your original one. The remedy is, To keep it on the low. You can start out by bringing few accents of this gorgeous shade into your décor and expand on it if you love the new aura.

• Painting your walls pale dogwood seems a little too easy and is quite a radical change that will require you to customize the entire interior design. No worries, because we believe that’s exactly what furnishings are made for. Our stunning Partisan rug with its delicate pale dogwood accents helps you bring this color into your décor effortlessly.

• Being included in the Pantone list of this year was not much of a surprise to the interior world. Solely because it was similar to its preceding shades of Rose Quartz and Serenity. This airy and buoyant shade is a showstopper all by itself but when complemented with subtle blues,it gives way to colour palettes so perfect they would steal your breath away.

• For ardent art-deco lovers, this lovely shade is nothing but a boon granted. If you love this charming color as much as we do, there is absolutely no jeopardy in going all out. From tapered walls to comfy country couches, the more you use pale dogwood in your décor the more elegant. Just asour dazzling Cocoon rug looks absolutely at home with this overall rosy décor.

So, did you like our adaptations of this stunning Pantone color or is there a more unique way you would like to use it? Do tell us on Facebook and Instagram.