Finding That Perfect Shade Of Grey For Your Space

Quintessential and serene, grey is a color that looks great with every décor and still manages to stand out anywhere. You just have to choose from its fifty (more like thousand) shades.

We know, it sounds daunting but finding the correct shade is the final touch that elevates and completes your entire room design. Browse through the unique palette that this color presents to find your perfect hue:

1) Full Moon:

With a hue matching that of silver, this shade of grey looks absolutely luminous in well lit surroundings. Complement it with white to bring out an understated elegance to your space. If you are sceptical about using grey in your design, then this simple and graceful shade is your way to go.

2) Grey Stone:

One of the most underrated shades of grey, this tint is one of a kind. Lying somewhere between a metallic silver and light grey, stone grey when used correctly can add an aura of mystery to your room.Ideal for areas that invite a lot of entertaining, balance it out with brighter, citrusy hues and watch the magic unfold.

3) Greige:

A cross between grey and beige, this shade is a newer member of the grey family. Adding a touch of warmth to the otherwise cool color, this shade looks stunning in workplace or formal settings.

4) Pewter:

No, we refuse to believe this shade is anything close to dull. With a rough metallic finish, Pewter is a trace that suggests serenity. Just like, stone grey this shade invites a lot of scope for mix and match of tones as well as patterns. Like our lovely Baroque Maze rug that complements the pewter walls so well.

5) Charcoal/ Grizzle Grey::

Rich and dark, this shade is our absolute favourite. Match it with your furnishings or contrast it with bright colors, it looks stunning either way. From place of work to relaxation dens, this shade looks at home everywhere.

These were some of the most popular shades of grey that you can easily utilize in your space. Other shades such as blue-grey, metallic and brownish-grey also look great and can be used for newer and more playful interiors. What is your favourite shade and where would you use it? Let us know on our platforms.