Let Your Art Do the Talking: Basing Your Room Design On Your Artwork

As said by a wonderful art critic (by that we mean Oscar Wilde), ‘To reveal the art and conceal the artist is art’s aim’. Every piece of art is an expression and emotion brought alive with colors and threads. Since each work of art is unique, your decor becomes extraordinary just by its presence.

Also, introducing art into your home is the perfect way to enhance the elegance and beauty of your design. It brightens up your space, adds intrinsic artisanal value to it and, if placed perfectly, gives a unique feel to your room.

Here are some tips that can help you in designing based on your favourite artwork-

1) The Age Of Art:

No, by that we don’t mean you should carbon date your art to find its true age, instead you should try to match your room decor to the era your artwork was made in. Beautiful Renaissance paintings look truly stunning in classic and traditional room designs. Abstract or modern art can easily be incorporated in contemporary or minimalistic designs.

Contrasting the designs and the artwork is also a bold idea that you could try but you should consult an expert to implement this concept correctly.

2) Complementary Colors:

Your entire room design should complement your artwork for an art centric decor. What better place to start than the colour palette? Make sure all the shades in your room are in symmetry with the hues of your artwork. Keep in mind the minutiae details of your art piece, its lines and textures and try to replicate them into your furnishings.

3) The Starting Point:

When you walk into the room, pick the place where your eyes go first. That is the ideal place for your art piece. Although it is always advisable to place your art on the biggest wall of the room and in isolation but a lovely collage of all your favourite art works wonderfully as well.

You can also experiment lining your hallways with the way it is placed in most medieval, luxurious castles or stack them vertically to make them look even more awe-inspiring.

4) Ask The Expert:

The thought of introducing art into the decor sounds appealing to almost everyone but the entire process from selecting the perfect art piece to placing it correctly so that it matches your room design may seem so daunting that most people back out of it. But always remember when in doubt, call the experts.

If you really want to experiment with your art piece or include an ancient, valuable heirloom into your room in a way that your design stands out, consulting an interior designer is both convenient and helpful.

5) Go Big:

Sometimes, for your art to do the talking, it has to shout itself out. Don’t shy away from bigger and bolder art pieces or installing a colossal area rug. If placed correctly they look spectacular and make your space one of a kind.

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