It’s all in the stars/Right from the Stars: Décor Inspired by Your Zodiac Traits - 2

Continuing our Sun sign inspired decor series; we are progressing with the 6 zodiac signs namely Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces that were not covered previously.

Now, your daily horoscope may not help you to turn your fortunes or prevent mishaps but there is after all some intrinsic value to the understanding of personalities represented by each of the zodiac signs.

Now, our sun signs may not be the most useful source of information when it comes to our future but we cannot deny there is a certain intrinsic value in the characteristics described by each zodiac for different personalities.

1) Libra - A Graceful Balance:

Libra, the justice sign loves equanimity and stability in their life. They have a deep rooted respect for tradition and discipline. Classic and clean designs with modern elements and light and soothing colors are all the right choices for them.

2) Scorpio – A Little Bit Panache, A Little Bit Sass:

Outspoken, confident and hard working, Scorpions are all that. They have a very definite sense of style and efficient designs speak to them on an inherent level. Warm collars, statement accessories that sit together well in harmony would feel like home to this Sun sign.

3) Sagittarius – A Traveller’s Dream:

With wheels under their soles and a true wanderer spirit in their hearts, Sagittarians are one of the most philosophical and wanderlust stricken of zodiac signs. Their decor contains the essence of each of their travels and obviously has a bohemian vibe to it. They are also known as deep thinkers who have an unconventional solution to every problem. How could their space not reflect that? With a little poetic feel to their rooms, contemporary chic designs on an aqua palette would be most suitable to their tastes.

4) Capricorn – Efficient and Fresh:

Bristling with energy and competence, Capricorns are a Man with a plan. They have a system for everything and love order. They are also very philosophical and a little elegiac at heart. Lush contemporary designs done in different shades of green would make for a happy home for them.

5) Aquarius – Eclectic Artisans:

Said to be the humanitarians among all Zodiacs, Aquarians are all about being avant-garde and peaceful. Marine colors and free, open spaces that’s all this sun sign needs to make a happy place. Don’t forget to add some greenery and interesting furniture knick knacks to complete their extraordinary room design.

6) Pisces – Naturally Chic:

With their sun sign in the form of a Fish, it is not hard to guess Piscesians are water babies. Aqua color palettes would obviously be the way to go for them. Nautical themed furnishings and airy spaces would make for the perfect decor for this eccentric and fun zodiac.