Rugs are often the focal point of a room’s décor. Not only do they help tie the whole room together but often accentuate the charm and flamboyance of the entire space. For centuries, dining rooms have had carpets or rugs in them that drive your attention not only to the centrepiece- the dining table, but also unite and bring synergy to the room.



A good example of the rug being the point of convergence is displayed here; where Cocoon’s Art Deco rug with it’s blue hues and geometric design not only complements, but also exaggerates the elegance of the royal blue dining set. This is the perfect example of how an entire area in a home is brought together by the use of a rug. The remaining furniture, the pristine white counter, off-sets the rug beautifully while complementing it.



Another beautiful dining space, tied together, seamlessly, by a Cocoon Rug. This tie-dye Batik rug in blue and white gorgeously accompanies and elevates the serene white space. The blue of the dining table supplements the blue of the rug, as does the white material used in the chairs. This space is quintessentially classy due to the blue and white theme, perfect for the summer or a beach house setting.