Many rug-enthusiasts are often at odds while choosing the right rug to decorate their spaces. Caught in several conundrums, regarding size, colors and prints, you can either go for glory or go completely wrong. Here are some mistakes you should steer clear of while picking a rug to adorn the room you’re decorating.


  1. Size Matters: Never pick a rug that’s too small. The back legs of your furniture should be stable and firmly pressed onto the rug. Around the bed, you must feel the rug every time your feet touch the ground. Smaller rugs are cheaper, yes, but you mustn’t discount the importance of the appropriate size of the rug.
  1. Not Layering: If you picked the wrong size of the rug, fret not, place more than one rug over the other and create an interesting pattern through layering. Mix prints, colors and sizes as long as the edges aren’t seen overlapping.
  1. Baring the carpet- If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, don’t be afraid to add an area rug atop it. They add character and an added wave of liveliness.
  1. Leaving the rug for the end- Pick your rug first, always! Before picking furniture, throw pillows, curtains and all around color schemes, pick your rug. Finding a rug that ties everything in after it being chosen is often hard to find, but a rug is such a versatile accessory, after picking it, you can find furniture to match it.
  1. Using Rug Tape- Rug Tape is an adhesive that is laid under the rug to keep it from moving and shifting out of place. Do not use these as they will corrode hard wood floors and ruin the quality of your rug. Invest in a rug pad instead. The rugs from Cocoon have a plush, thick pile for which you don’t require either a rug tape or a pad.
  1. Fretting away from patterns- Don’t be shy to experiment with patterns, colors and shapes of rugs and carpets. Often you will be surprised with the results. It will add a vibe of playfulness and exuberance. Plain rugs can often be bland and boring. Geometric prints, multi-colored patterns and solid shapes can really bring out the charm of a space.
Follow these rules and you will not end up with an embarrassing accessory in your homes, office spaces or dens that you get tired of in a short period of time.