Never: 7 Painting Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

Choosing the paint to go with can be a real big hassle. It’s more than just differentiating between “Sunshine Orange” and “Evening Orange”. Choosing colors for different areas of your home isn't a decision to take lightly. It is the paint that sets a room's mood and impacts how the furniture around looks.

There are sources that tell you about the paints you can go with, but today we’re telling you about the 7 painting mistakes you shouldn't make.

1.Match Everything

It's rather difficult to not have things easy and just add a fabric swatch to the beautiful paint counter you've chosen to go with. Not so fast! We say: Matching your walls to a color in one of your fabrics is something you should NEVER do. Using a grayed-out version of the color instead, will work wonders for your space.

2.Paint A Ceiling Plain White

The largest wall in a home is the one in the living room. WRONG! Ceilings are the largest walls in a home. All white paints have a bit of gray in them, which is why you should NEVER paint a ceiling dead white. The gray in the paint takes the room down, giving it a dull look. Considering the use of a cream shade is highly recommended.

3.Leave No Room For Neutrals

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to be colorful and exciting is that they forget the importance of balancing their palette with neutrals. Using architectural elements in grey or a few white throws can give the eyes a place to rest

4.Playing It Too Safe

When going with a palette of neutral colors, adding a few stronger colors should be considered. People often make the mistake of not using enough contrast when using neutrals. Interjecting elements that add an intense personality to the walls makes for an interesting home.

5.Paint Each Room Like A Different Region Of The World

The rooms of a house should have a relevant color connect. The whole house has to make sense as one single entity and not a Rubik’s cube. The bedroom should never seem as like it's from a completely different house in comparison to the living room of the same house.

6.Underestimate The Impact Of Finishing

Adding a distinguished finish to the paint has a very strong impact on the overall look. It adds character to the color. Darker colors generally tend to read as very flat. Using a high-luster finish will result in a splendid paintjob and a staggering wall.

7.Go Overboard With The Same Color Palette

Unless you want to give your home an “uptight” feel, don't go with the same color palette for all parts of your home. And if you’re in absolute love with your favorite hues, it is best in the interest of your home that you know when to pull back. A little color play will work wonders for your home. Painting your abode can be quite taxing. You don't have to live in the fear of picking a forever color. Just like personal style, rooms can change over time. Trust yourself on this, and remember that you have to choose a color for your walls, not commit to it for life. It is never too late to play around with colors and change the look of the living space.